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Author, clinical hypnotherapist, and transformation coach Carrie Freeman brings professional expertise and remarkable intuition to the art form called hypnosis. With more than twelve years’ experience helping clients move stagnant energy and reach their greatest potential, Carrie combines technical skill along with numerous and varied healing methods—all of which lead to rapid results, personal breakthroughs, and permanent change.
Formerly on staff at a drug and rehabilitation facility for eight years, she has worked with over a thousand individuals struggling with addiction. In addition, Carrie is also certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Therapeutic Imagery, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).
As an author, Carrie facilitates the Renaissance Writing Lab in Studio City —an intimate forum where writers can explore new ideas and share openly. Her true-crime coming-of-age novel, The Comic’s Daughter: A Chicago Tale, will be debuting in the spring of 2014. As a coach, Carrie works with clients in Studio City, California, and all over the United States via phone and Skype. For more information, visit her website:

REVIEWS: Good Evidence and Positive Noticing: Beyond the Law of Attraction

Carrie Freeman’s “Good Evidence and Positive Noticing: Beyond the Law of Attraction” teaches us how to become detectives of the positive “evidence” we see on a daily basis, and change the way we see our lives and the world. Ms. Freeman outlines an exercise called an “E-Log” which is written for anyone struggling with negativity, who is hoping to see their world differently. I have recommended this E-Log exercise to clients because it is so simple, fun, and easy to utilize. “Good Evidence” unites metaphysics, hypnotherapy, neuroplasticity, and an earthy technique for self-awareness and healing.
Maria Pappajohn, L.M.F.T., Holistic Therapist

I have now read, GOOD EVIDENCE and Positive Noticing: Beyond the Law of Attraction. The book is brilliant and, YES, "ridiculously simple." Also, it is superbly written. Not only is Carrie is an extraordinary writer, she is remarkably insightful, and a caring Humanist. Triple bravo! I am so impressed with this compact and clear concept that I have sent copies to both my daughters. Clearly, this ultra simple technique and theory have broad applications. Again, I am knocked out.
Jerry L. Crawford, Professor Emeritus and Founder, MFA Playwriting Program, UNLV; author of Acting in Person and in Style and Past Light

I have watched Carrie Freeman facilitate many wonderful seminars based on her terrific, new e-book, Good Evidence and Positive Noticing: Beyond the Law of Attraction. With great originality, this compact little book has a very unique “take” on the word, evidence as well as the age-old manifestation practice called The Law of Attraction. It will get you pointed in a whole new and productive direction. And although the book is not limited to substance abuse, I cannot think of a more reinforcing practice for a recovering addict than noticing and recording Good Evidence. Carrie challenges the status quo and suggests that there is an easier way to manifest goals and achieve more happiness - it only takes five-minutes a day. Her innovative and deceptively simple book is an uplifting and meaningful read for our times. I highly encourage you to download this book immediately.
Ross Remien, director and founder of Rebos - Outpatient Treatment Center

Just when you thought you knew all the ins and outs of mastering manifestation and after you have dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s in your “Secret” formula, someone comes along with a deceptively simple concept which raises the bar. In this case that someone is Carrie Freeman with her inspired e-book, Good Evidence and Positive Noticing Beyond the Law of Attraction. Not a lot of pages in this entertaining publication but truth rarely need much fanfare or rhetoric. Here’s a tight, well written download which promises to expand your thinking and increase your mental toolbox. Whether you’re a parent looking for an effective way to connect with a teen or an addict looking for any thread of connection, this book will bring it on and not pound you on the head in the process. Good Evidence and Positive Noticing Beyond the Law of Attraction is destine to become a must have in any consciousness expanding library.
Hilary St. Pierre

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Good Evidence and Positive Noticing: Beyond the Law of Attraction
Price: $4.95 USD. Words: 11,580. Language: English. Published: March 27, 2014. Categories: Nonfiction » Psychology » Emotions, Nonfiction » Self-improvement » Motivation and inspiration
In Good Evidence and Positive Noticing: Beyond the Law of Attraction, Carrie Freeman offers simple yet powerful steps to help readers access new neural pathways that lead to welcome change and increased energy. Stepping away from conventional tradition, her book encourages us to notice excellent events, instead of trying to make them happen.

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