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Caitlin is a 25 year old woman. She is obsessed with the apocalypse- in all its forms- and writes articles and short fiction for up-coming survivalist/humour website In Case of Survival under the pen-name Anninyn. She is working on her first novel, a post-apocalyptic adventure story.

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Smashwords book reviews by Caitlin Blanchard

  • Jailbreak on June 08, 2011

    A very good short story, believable andentertaining. Full review here.
  • Arcane Sampler on June 10, 2011

    An absolutely excellent magazine: Well worth the price. I picked it up pretty much on a whim, because I'm always interested in new horror titles and this seemed interesting. I was right. The quality of the stories included is superb, each one of them frightened or thrilled me in some way. Well wort picking up for horror fans.
  • Wormwood on March 03, 2012

    Review copy provided by author. Originally reviewed here Wormwood is a curious book. I enjoyed it a great deal, but a few unignorable flaws stopped it from being an A grade for me. First things first, I really loved reading this one. You know those books that really drag you in? Where leaving the book before you’re ready leaves you confused and resenting the world? This is one of them. Ok, so, we have Kali, who as a teen meets a strange man called Tiamat (I’d have considered that a clue, but I hang around with Goths.) who she gives some heartfelt advice. 10 years later, she’s hiking when the world falls apart… and she finds out later that Tiamat was at least partially to blame. There’s a lot of mythology in this book from various traditions, and as a filthy heathen raised by atheist hippies, I have no idea how accurate or well portrayed it is. However I found it an interesting addition to a well-thought out world. Which leads me to another point. Nevins has seriously considered the post-apocalyptic world. The descriptions of this ravaged world were some of the best moments of the book for me. Beautiful and shocking all at once. As for the plot, it’s enjoyable and carries the reader along just fine. An awful lot of it relies on Tiamat not telling Kali anything, but I suppose when you’re dealing with half-angels who have ‘compulsions’ to act according to God’s Wishes, that’s to be expected. My only real issue was that I, personally, would have found it impossible to forgive Tiamat everything he does, no matter how attracted I was or how good his reasons. That’s probably why no gorgeous half angels are protecting me from apocalyptic events. But- I said there were flaws, and there are. There is no such thing as a flawless book. While the writing is often excellent, it often feels distant, or relies on overly-complex sentences once too often. Occasionally the dialogue is forced and awkward, more there to info dump than to exist as natural speech. While these flaws were not overwhelming for me, they did occasionally drag me out of the book and remind me I was reading a story, which stops this book from hitting the coveted A grade. If you like religious apocalypses with a heavy romantic element (and angels) this book is for you.