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"To build a great mind requires daily effort. This demands certain principles, habits, and actions. I want to show you what those are so you can reach greatness."

Hi, I am Issac (I. C. Robledo)

In my youth, I didn't feel very knowledgeable, creative, or generally capable of being a leader. I have since met many people who felt the same way. There is often an assumption in society that some people are simply born geniuses. The assumption is that they have the advantage and there is nothing we can do to achieve their level of ability. In time, I have learned otherwise. We have much more control than we think, to guide our mental abilities in the direction that we want. We simply need a road map to do so.

This is where my books come in. I aim to present you with the tools necessary to improve your abilities. Just keep in mind, if you still have doubts, that often the people who believe themselves to be the least capable in fact have the most potential.

If you would like a suggestion on where to start reading, I would recommend "The Intellectual Toolkit of Geniuses". This book has received the most praise. It presents a good overview of general principles that geniuses or smart minds apply in their lives.

To learn why I am an authority on this topic, I invite you to continue reading.

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I. C. Robledo is a bestselling author and entrepreneur. He has a B.A. in Psychology from Purdue University and an M.S. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from the University of Oklahoma. He has researched how training in error identification affects creative performance, and published his thesis on this topic in an academic journal. I. C. Robledo has also published as an author or co-author in 14 academic articles and books.

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