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Ian Kane is an author, freelance writer, and filmmaker. After high school, he joined the military and received numerous awards and commendations for his exceptional service. After receiving his Honorable Discharge, he worked as a writer for online and print publications, as a journalist and as a health & fitness expert, culminating in owning his own successful business. Ian has also worked as a military consultant for film productions.

Traveling to many places in the world, in both his civilian and military lives, has given him unique insights, and he infuses this international perspective into both his writing and filmmaking.

A storyteller at heart, Ian has recently made the transition over to doing what he loves most: Creating stories of people whom others can identify with, and hopefully be entertained by along the way as well. He recently signed with Assent Publishing, and will be releasing his debut novel—Fading Empires Volume I: Rising Storm—in fall 2013. This will be the first of twelve epic novels.

Ian recently moved back to his native state of California after spending several years living in Manhattan, New York.

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