Ian J Miller


Ian J Miller was born 7th August 1942 to the son of a policeman sent to Hokitika (New Zealand) to fill vacancies due to the mass murderer Stanley Graham. Secondary education was at Ashburton High School, thence to University of Canterbury (BSc Hons1, PhD), followed by post-docs at Calgary, Southampton and Armidale. I returned to New Zealand to Chemistry Division, DSIR, to work first on lignin chemistry, then recycling, seaweed research, then hydrothermal wood liquefaction. In 1986 I left DSIR to set up Carina Chemical Laboratories Ltd, to carry out research to support the private half of a joint venture to make pyromellitates, the basis of high temperature resistant plastics. (When called to a TV program to discuss the danger of foam plastics in fires, I aimed a gas torch at the palm of my hand, protected only by a piece of foam plastic I had made shortly before. Fortunately, it worked, it glowed yellow hot, but held the heat for about half a minute.) This venture, and an associated seaweed processing venture collapsed during the late 1980s financial crisis, mostly for financial reasons. Current projects include the development of Nemidon gels (www.nemidon.co.nz/) and fuels and chemicals through the hydrothermal treatment of microalgae (www.aquaflowgroup.com/). I have written about 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers, about 35 other articles, and I was on the Editorial Board of Botanica Marina between about 1998-2008.

In my first year University, following an argument with some Arts students, I was challenged to write a fictional book. I did in spare time: Gemina. I subsequently self-published a revised version, only to find publicity was forbidden as a condition of getting my finance for the pyromellitates project. Since then, I have written a few more science in fiction thriller-type novels that don't fit nicely in any category. These form a "future history", and Puppeteer is the first of one entry point.

Smashwords Interview

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in Hokitika, then Rakaia, both small towns in New Zealand. Both favoured outdoor activities, and neither had much in the way of cultural activity. This made me much more independently oriented, and it forced me to think for myself. On top of that, Hokitika is on the West Coast, an isolated region where there is a tradition of being "your own man". Perhaps, as a consequence, my writing is somewhat different from that of many other authors, as I try more for originality than compliance with accepted procedures.
When did you first start writing?
My first efforts were as a student at University, and it was done as a response to "I bet you couldn't," from some girls doing English literature for an arts degree. I was studying chemistry, and I had maintained this was more practical, and at least science students did something, whereas all they were doing was criticizing. One thing led to another, and I ended up writing my first novel, then a second one. I eventually rewrote the first one, but the second was destroyed.
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Planetary Formation and Biogenesis Second Edition
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'Bot War
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Biofuels. An Overview.
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In the 2150s, the world economies are recovering. Three characters see the opportunities differently. One aims to get rich, and will kill to do so; one wants all opportunities buried in giant corporations, and uses a machine pistol to achieve this; the last, a skilled sniper, wants a return to free enterprise and law and order. Only one can win.
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