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During spring break from the university, Ora fearlessly ventured into the Ethiopian hinterlands and discovered a peaceful tribe being attacked by hostile neighbors. Her published magazine article about their plight helped rally a rescue mission which airlifted them to safety.

After graduation she moved to Manhattan, studied screenwriting and worked as an advertising copywriter. After producing dozens of print and national TV ad campaigns promoting Twinkies and other name brands, she felt trapped.

One day her hairdresser whispered, “If there is hell on earth, there is also heaven.” He introduced her to his Meditation teacher and she awoke.

Feeling free again she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her passion, marry and become a mother.

Her screenplays; The Walk-In, Outbound, Angels in the Dark, Mom vs. the Mob, Purple Mountains, Tangerine Dreams and V.R. 9000 were optioned by NBC, SONY, Lighthouse Productions and other prestigious companies. She also ghost wrote a memoir, “Lala’s Story” which won the Carl Sandburg award.

Ice Veil Tales reveals a Mindfulness breathing technique that helped her re-connect with her inner peace, joy and freedom. She hopes it helps kids realize their purpose and fulfill their potential.

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Ice Veil Tales: Book I
Ice Veil Tales begin with "Cocovanilla and the Ice Veil." While ten year old Kiki ice skates alone in Central Park, a snowstorm blows in. She spins into another world, Ice Dreamland, and discovers a secret weapon for outsmarting bullies. Be sure to watch all 12 episodes of Book One.


Ice Veil Tales
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 27,750. Language: English. Published: January 27, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Social Issues / Bullying, Fiction » Fairy tales
These fantasy/adventure stories are about a Drama Queen who magically becomes a Peace Queen capable of outsmarting bullies. Her secret weapon is the power of choice. Each time a bully attacks she reacts with gloom and doom. When she chooses to feel inner peace instead, she cleverly saves herself. Kids 6-9 years old learn how to bounce back from bully attacks with a Mindfulness Breathing Technique.

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