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  • Survival, a YA Paranormal Romance (The Guardians of Vesturon Series, Book #1) on March 08, 2012

    I got this e-book from the author through ‘Shut up and read – Read and reap it’ for reviewing. Survival starts off with Maddie- our lead character as she starts collage and tells her roommates about her tragic life. Both her parents had died and she had no other relatives. On a hiking trip, she gets caught by a mad man who wants to kill her. After being severely injured, she gets found by some strange people who cure her. There in those caves, she meets Rayn to whom she is really attracted. He is hiding things from her and she is determined to figure them out… The one thing I really liked about this book is that the story was unique. The plot was full of suspense. There were a few twists in the story. There was action, adventure, drama, romance and everything in this book. I really like how this book keeps you guessing! I liked this book but there were parts where I was disappointed. There was repetition of phrases and dialogues that made the book boring at some parts and the flashbacks were just too much for me. The love story also felt ‘unreal’ at some parts. Overall, this book was an okay read for me. I am planning on reading the sequel and I hope that it will be better.