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  • Life's Hidden Keys on Oct. 31, 2010

    Life’s Hidden Keys is hard to fit into one specific category. Parts of it read like a romance novel, other parts are like a mystery, and some parts are very spiritual in nature. The writing is very descriptive and the detailed character development makes the reader visualize each scene and follow the plot of the story as though it were happening to them. The book is about life, and how each of us deals with circumstances and tragedies that happen to us throughout our life. From the loss of a loved one, to a bad decision, to how we interact with one another, the story of Sarah and her life and how she copes through each struggle will give the reader hope and encouragement. The inspiration and insight into life that the writer conveys through the character of Jazma will cause the reader to examine their own life and question how their life has been guided by hidden forces. The ending will surely be a surprise, and all the missing pieces of the story will fall into place by the final chapter.