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Idyll Arbor, Inc. is both a publishing house and a consulting firm. Our consultants, editors and authors are some of the best in their fields. We are known throughout North America as a company which carries practical products — books, audio tapes, video tapes, testing tools, posters, games and consultation — that the professional can use in his/her everyday practice. We can do this because we are practitioners who still work with patients as well as being product developers. We try out our products before we offer them to you. In addition to providing quality materials, Idyll Arbor also provides consultation services for activities, therapy departments and facility management.

Idyll Arbor, Inc. is unique because our practitioners talk with other practitioners across the country on a regular basis. We hear about trends in Joint Commission, CARF, NCQA and HCFA surveys as they are happening. Professionals know that they can contact our professional staff and ask about programs, products and techniques which have worked for other therapists across the United States and Canada. We hope this web site will help your practice. Please feel free to contact us with suggestions for making our site more useful for you.

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