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  • A Song After Dark on May 28, 2013
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    Everyone meet Norman, a young seventeen year old, who has no social life, no friends, and no girls talk to him. His parent's are controlling, strict, and wont buy him a car either, so he rides the bus. Any back talk and his father takes a belt to him. Then meet Zach, he has everything. Zach has the life, get's any girl, and he can stay out all night and his parent's wont care. But Zach has a darkness in him that comes out slowly. As Norman leans on Zach to mold him into a cool person who can talk to girls, Zach's trying to mold Norman into something dark. Just goes to show you that I believe evil comes from within. This was a great fast paced read, and I thought the ending was great but a slight disappoint to how it ended.
  • In Too Deep on Jan. 17, 2014

    I checked my inbox and discovered this read I won from librarything, and I have to tell you I glanced at it even though I have a mountain of books to be read before this one. I got hooked and couldn't stop reading, and loved it. It's about a girl who works for the police diving team, they search for lost ones in water. Well her history is that she was a spotter for her father when he free dove, and he died. She had been distracted because she had been dumped the night before. Ten years ahead, her brother over mortgages a business and is threatened to lose it. She goes back to help him save it by doing the dives for him since he broke his leg. Piper see's the man who dumped her the day before her father died. Ryan westlake is the man she still compares all men to, and between the animosity and the anger we still see the attraction. They have dangerous chemistry and it was great to see it come together. Thanks librarything and this author for a great read!