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W. Franklin Lattimore is the author of the Otherealm Saga which debuted in July 2013 with Freedom Fight. Books 2 (Freedom War) & 3 (Freedom Zone) are complete and going through final edits. The fourth book, Freedom Cry, is currently a work in progress. His former involvement in the occult as a teenager was the springboard for writing the Otherealm Saga. Now a committed Christian, his books are written as a wake-up call to those dabbling in, curious about, and heavily active in witchcraft and other "spiritual" activities. His books are also designed to educate Christians on their position and authority in Christ and their responsibility to make Jesus known to their communities, while possibly taking some risks to do so.

Frank is a graduate of Kent State University, with a B.A. in Political Science. In addition to his formal education, Apologetics (the study of the evidences supporting the Christian faith) and Creation Science are favorite areas of study. He is an Independent Business Owner, specializing in nutritional supplementation, physical endurance, and skin care. He's active in his “Rockin” church and in his free time enjoys hiking, biking, ziplining, fishing, riding roller coasters, target shooting, and eating crispy BBQ wings.

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