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  • A Story About You on April 28, 2012

    I find The Story of You to be a gem of a modern parable. I've loved it and have not forgotten it since I first heard it. Contained in the few easy-to-share pages of this story (of you) is a bit of timeless wisdom, crystallized into a tale that stands to get inside your mind in a very intuitive way. 'Waiting to act until conditions improve' is a gateway drug, leading to 'waiting to act until conditions are perfect.' A wary understanding this process is ALWAYS relevant, and instrumental in making something to be proud of out of your life, lest time sweep you under. It took 2 years and hearing the story for the 3rd time for it to affect any of my decisions in a way that I could notice, but I am sure that my deeper workings were affected right away, and I've gained a lot of freedom because of it.