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Elisabeth Wheatley began what would be her first novel at eleven and hasn’t stopped writing since. When she’s not daydreaming of elves, vampires, and/or princes in need of rescuing, she can be found wasting time on the internet, fangirling over her latest obsession, and pretending to be a functional citizen.

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  • Ties To The Blood Moon on Nov. 18, 2012

    Read from November 06 to 17, 2012 Okay...so I've got some mixed feelings about this book. I debated between a three and four star rating, but settled on three. On one hand, it had some fun action sequences and awesome suspense. On the other hand, it had one of the worst love triangles I've ever seen. (I'm sorry! REALLY sorry! But it's true!): There were far too many sentences Gen started with "I didn't know how I knew, but I did" or "somehow I knew that..." or something similar. There were a few typos and formatting errors, but I didn't think that it made it unreadable or that the errors were too distracting at all. The plot: It was interesting. I thought the Inuit influence in the story was very fascinating and the explanation of where the Adlets and Lycans came from sounded EXACTLY like a tale from mythology and I thought that was very cool. The characters: Our main character, Gen, drove me absolutely, positively, unquestionably NUTS. First of all, I have no patience for mouthy teenagers who come up with elaborate schemes to circumvent their parents' or guardians' will just because their parent/guardian has told them to do something and they don't want to listen. Then there was Gen's constant lying. It seemed that every other chapter she was lying to her aunt, her friends, or her boyfriend or all of them so that she could sneak off and try to take on the bad guy. And even though it kept turning out badly, she kept doing it. William, our vampire love interest, was alright. He was a nice guy and I liked him. I am curious as to whether his father with the private jets and (cabin) mansion in the forest was really his father and they had both been turned or if his "father" was just a vampire who had taken him in. And I'm also curious as to how William became a vampire and how old he is (vampire love interests do tend to be over a century old, don't they?). Joseph was the third party in the attempt at a love triangle. He's the twin brother of Gen's only female friend in the story. He and his two brothers and his sister are Adlet, a kind of werewolf, and are Gen's royal guards. He wasn't a bad dude, I just didn't like him because of the whole love triangle business. Gen was supposed to be in love with William, but less than one day since the last time she's seen him, she's noticing Joseph's ripped chest and getting butterflies. It just...didn't add to the story and detracted from it if anything. Zane is our bad guy. A vampire and werewolf hybrid, he is one of the most dangerous beings out there. He wants to kill Gen and marry her mother so that he will be able to take the Adlet throne for himself. He is very, very creepy and definitely the sort of bad guy to give you nightmares. Fun! I said I enjoyed this book and I did. Even if I had some problems with it. I will be reading the sequel and I do think it is worth reading and I recommend it if you like werewolf/vampire romances. =)
  • Avow (A Last Selkie Short Story Prequel) on Nov. 18, 2012

    A good opener into the full-length novel. I look forward to ADRIFT! =)