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Ink-U-Bator Media founder Alan R. Bechtold says he launched his new company to turn the standard publishing industry model on its head.

Bechtold, a best-selling author, marketing expert and publisher for more than 35 years, says his company is different because it shifts the focus from print to new media. “We publish all media,” he said, “including books, audios, videos – even mobile apps — on all applicable platforms, including Kindle, Nook, iPad, online and in print or on disc. We’re also much more open to working with new, unproven writers and content creators in all media, through a unique mastermind group we’ve put together — and we pay a 70% share of all the revenues with the creator of the content.”

In the mastermind group, members can access training and work directly with the other members and with Bechtold personally. “Although there is never any requirement that members do so, I train every member to create content that my new company can eventually publish for them,” Bechtold said. “We also continue work with the member content creator, providing specific advice and steps needed to make their work ultimately ready for the market.”

Every new release Inkubator Media publishes comes exclusively from members of the Inkubator Mastermind. “Our unique mastermind enables us to work directly with anyone interested in publishing today, in any medium, providing services no publisher has ever offered as a part of the standard developmental process. We also pay far more than traditional publishers are willing to when we publish a member's work.”

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