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  • Improvised Explosive Device on Oct. 05, 2013

    I enjoyed this short story. Almost immedeatly as I started to read, I felt it was like watching the start of a movie the injured soldier and then a flashback to the explosion. So in the end we have a hero who has lost both his legs. Maybe it could have been developed from there continuing in the life of a disabled soldier. How did he feel about the society he lived in? Did politicians offer their gratitude? Did anybody care? How does he live from day to day? He could have ended up a bitter character or a brave one who found hope in artificial limbs and was admired for his spirit.
  • Salyuta on Oct. 14, 2013

    Nice short story,tense and waiting for something dangerous to happen. I like the catch phrase "I don't care I wont see him again" Repeated it sounds good. I'm afraid I got lost in it and became one with the character, feeling the emotions as he felt them and the physical pleasurable and un pleasureable comforts and discomforts. it was a good trip
  • Beyond The Reef on Oct. 24, 2013

    Bryan Knower has a way of capturing your imagination,through his writing. His story lines are dynamic with a promise that something very interesting is just around the corner, which in turn makes compulsive reading. "Beyond the reef" created that anticipation of something dramatic developing along the way, and as always there is just that ending that says there should be a continuation of this story.