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My name is Richie Collins and in 2004 we purchased a $250000 home in Louisiana that Hurricane Katrina wrecked, it took the roof off our home while we were all honker down in it. Our nightmare with Hurricane Katrina story is told in the Prologue of the book “Hurricane Season” by Neal Thompson.

I am an average homeowner but I am not a DEADTBEAT! In 1973 I served in the U.S. Army National Guard, I am a mother, a wife, a grandmother and a commodities trader, (I love trading commodities and I understand derivatives, I trade then all the time!), I am a real estate investor; I'm also a Joomla website developer, and a blogger and I am a native New Orleanian.

My husband was a Hazardous Material truck driver earning between $80,000 to $100,000 a year, we could afford the home we bought! But because of the hurricane flooding the roads, he had no work for a while, which caused us to get behind on our mortgage.

Our mortgage servicing company Countrywide put us in a mortgage workout program that fell through because they went into bankruptcy. (I won’t go into the long detail of that nightmare)

I was drawn into a foreclosure fight with a company I had never heard of nor did any business with and that company is Deutsche Bank The Foreclosure King as they are called in the Bloggest Sphere

I have been hospitalized with bleeding ulcers because of this fight, but thank God I’ve recovered. by April 2009 my husband of 26 years couldn’t take it anymore and abandoned our home and to this day I haven’t seen him. This illegal foreclosure ruined my marriage. My goal is to open the eyes of the American Homeowner to what has happened to their mortgages, and expose the illegal activities of the new American mafia; The MERS Mortgage Mafia.

I had never done any business with Deutsche Bank and I didn’t know why they were trying to seize my home. I have a pretty good real estate background so I began doing research to find out who they were and why were they trying to illegally take my home. I knew from my court house title search that they were not in my “chain of title”.

To make a very long story short I have been in and out of court with this company for years and they know they don’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to them having legal standing in my case. For the last 5 years I’ve been researching illegal foreclosures in this country and I never thought I’d see the day when massive criminal mafia activity would sweep the mortgage industry. As an astute American Homeowner through my extensive research I’ve learned the secrets of the mortgage securitization industry, how they steal homes they have no legal rights too.

I am no fool and I know I am not obligated to pay the WRONG LENDER! Ask the Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Jennifer Bailey who sent a message to every lender who presupposes that simply being owed money by a borrower is enough to circumvent the laws of this country.

Well, while doing my research I found out that the American Homeowner doesn’t know anything about what has happened to their mortgage and promissory notes. They don't know that the American mortgage system has changed and we don't have the 30 year mortgage system anymore. We are now in the new age of the "mortgage securitization system" where a mortgage is securitized sometimes 24 hours after it's obtained by the borrower and the unsuspecting borrower never know they’ve just obtained a securitized mortgage. The borrower knows nothing about the mortgage securitization that’s taking place at the closing table right under their nose. That's one of the mortgage securitization industries dirty little "OPEN SECRETS".

As you can tell I am not a sophisticated copy writer, I just want to share with you, the American Homeowner what is happening in the current mortgage industry that they are unaware of but this information is important to know. They don’t know that, if MERS is in their mortgage; then their mortgage is free and clear and foreclosure proof! The American Homeowner doesn’t know about the new mortgage securitization industry and how it has split the mortgage from the note and converted these promissory notes into "Bonds" this action turned their secure mortgage into an unsecured mortgage, and they don’t know this.
Do you have a MERS Mortgage? Is MERS in your mortgage? If MERS is in your mortgage then your mortgage is free and clear and foreclosure proof! Now, learn the 7 Steps to Find Out if MERS is in your Mortgage! You as a homeowner must know the state of your mortgage; it may just be FREE and CLEAR!

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