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Iseult Murphy lives on the east coast of Ireland with two cats, five dogs, a kakariki and a couple of humans. She writes horror, fantasy and science fiction short stories and novels. Her work has appeared in over a dozen venues, including Alban Lake's Drabble Harvest, and the Drabblecast audio fiction podcast.

Smashwords Interview

What tools do you use to help you plot?
I put quite a lot of work into plotting out a story before I write it, but I don't use any special software, usually just a pen and paper and MSWord. I start by sketching out the structure - beginning, middle, end at the most basic - and fill in the details for each section, then write notes on theme, mood and character at the side of the page. When I am satisfied with the story on paper, I type my notes up in MSWord and start filling out the details. If I get lost once I start writing, I come back to my initial paper sketch to remind me what the major feels, themes and events are that I want to portray.
What are you working on next?
I am currently putting together a collection of my horror short stories for publication, as well as finishing a dark fantasy novella and preparing to start work on a novel set in the same world as my story, 'A Tracker Becoming'.
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