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Smashwords book reviews by IslandGalofWA

  • M.O.D. on June 22, 2011

    M.O.D. started off quickly and kept the intensity all the way through. The best hackers in the world are in a fight to the death. The opposing group of our current lifestyle, want to start over in the country..... writing new laws and electing new leaders for our society. So the question is.....Who ARE the good guys, and who ARE the bad guys? I would suggest the book to anyone who enjoys a great suspense/thriller novel, with a futuristic twist. Author J.C.Allen writes extremely well, creating a totally believable story. The strong men and women characters are intense, passionate individuals, for whom fighting to the death might be the only option to save the world as we know it. When current politics, military forces from several countries, and high level technology collide, the end result is terrifying. The book is written so well, the story is so strong, and the author describes the details so well, it could be made into an excellent Hollywood blockbuster, right now. Enjoy the wild ride! Whose side will you be on? sister to the author of BLANK SLATE, by R.W.Graves
  • Blank Slate on July 17, 2011

    Terrific read and a great story line. With a story that includes deception, high technology, murder, international conflict, treason, and tragedy, you will not be disappointed. Being a suspense/thriller junkie this book was right up there with the best of the best writers. Blank Slate is an exciting new book from a new author, my big brother.