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Smashwords book reviews by Ivor Nevsky

  • Those Who Can't on March 08, 2013

    Well-written, psychological erotica with believable characterization. The latter is surprising for a teacher/ student story. Wasn't a big fan of the ending, however.
  • Trapped in Amber on March 08, 2013

    Extremely hot. Good writing. Best! Story! Ever! (read the story to get why that line is funny.)
  • Words With Friends With Benefits on March 08, 2013

    Sweet, smart, witty and sexy! Where can I find a Jasmine to be my Scrabble opponent?
  • Bliss on March 09, 2013

    Good writer and well-written scene. Only complaint is that I wish it was longer. :)
  • Might Have Been on March 10, 2013

    I read this after really liking Sterling's scrabble story, and it's a similar mix of romantic sex and witty dialogue, but the story is really... different. In a good way. This is a smart, well-written and structured romantic story about an unhappy guy who gets his life in order by revisiting the "might have beens" of his past by way of a sort of time traveling device. There are eight chapters, each focusing on a different woman (all three dimensional, in surprising ways), a different type of romantic pitfall, and a different sexual kink/fetish. What makes it surprising is just how smart, funny, and romantic it all is. By the last chapter, when he executes an elaborate plan to win the woman of his dreams, I was on the edge of my seat praying he would pull it off.
  • A Fresh Taste on March 10, 2013

    Nice erotica sampler. The last two stories were particularly good. Most BDSM/ humiliation erotica suffers from doormat female characters and male sociopaths, but Ms. Jones has a knack for creating the necessary complexities to make the stories hot and interesting instead of disturbing.
  • Fait Accompli on March 10, 2013

    Good writing, but weak story. Reads more like implausible wish fulfillment than a solid story.
  • Sketches of a Stepmom: A Prelude to Owned, Bound and Tagged by Her Stepson on March 10, 2013

    Nice setup for a surprisingly plausible pseudo-incest story.
  • Thirteenth Seduction on March 14, 2013

    Dark, with the deadliness of the succubus as much a part of the story as the sex, but it made for one of the hottest succubusses I have seen in print, and I loved the ending.
  • Amulet on March 14, 2013

    Invisibility fantasy. Pretty predictable but well told with some nice scenes and characters.
  • A Hope in Hell on March 29, 2013

    Not really the erotica I was expecting, but a surprisingly moving story about guilt, perseverance, and redemption, all clothed in an urban fantasy version of the Devil and Dan'l Webster. Excellent story and characters.
  • Compromised on March 29, 2013

    Clever story about a woman who is hypnotized into responding sexually whenever her husband does housework, although it's much sweeter and more romantic than it sounds. Loved the two main characters.
  • Lipstick on March 29, 2013

    High quality writing, and sexy, but very short, and lacking in the characterization of which I am certain the author is capable.