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I am a black professor and mother of three.


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  • Black Woman's Sexual Humiliation on April 14, 2013
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    As an African American professor of race and gender studies and mother of daughter just out of law school, I found this story deeply disturbing on several levels... because of its degrading and disgusting racial and sexual stereotypes conveyed in the black mother and daughter in the story... because of the compulsive, submissive masochistic arousal the mother and daughter are perversely conveyed to experience at the repulsive, sadistic cruelty of their treatment by white men and women and even boys and girls... and because, most shameful and humiliating of all, I asked, even begged, Leslie to write it based on my fantasies and experiences. As with his other stories, Leslie wrote it well, pacing the plot and briefly, deftly tracing the characters with an empathetic sensitivity and acuity all the more astonishing--and all the more disturbingly anguishing--in the midst of the brutality and cruelty of the racist, misogynist sadism to which mother and daughter are subjected. It sears my soul to analyze,recognize and agonize over how historically, culturally and personally resonant this story truly is. I shudder with mortifying, horrifying fear and (self-) loathing over the prospect of my daughter reading this story and this review, uncovering and discovering her mother (and herself?) wrenched from years of delusion and denial, awash in excruciating shame drenched in gushing nigger goo.
  • Interrogation of a Mother on April 14, 2013

    As with other stories by this author, I found this story deeply disturbing, horrified by what the mother and son had inflicted on them, mortified by how much I identified my self and my own son with them, tormented and conflicted by how afflicted and addicted I felt as its perversely twisted themes and images threaded and wound their way through the deepest, darkest caverns of my repressed, obsessed cravings. The story is still haunting me, taunting me every time I glance at my teenage son and wince at what I wonder is the way that he now sees me or the way that I see him, and which way is delusion and denial as both bring dread and desire.
  • Black Woman's Sexual Humiliation on April 14, 2013

    I hope this and other authors are inspired by this story and the painful, truthful authenticity of my response to further explore and write more about the humiliation and degradation of black women and girls by white men, boys, women and girls in ways that let us see into the deepest, darkest passages of the savages we still are, whatever fragile vestiges and flimsy veils of delusion and denial we dredge up to trudge our way through the day.
  • Krissie's Training on July 15, 2013

    Once again a skillfully written, powerfully, perversely arousing story by this prolific, terrific author. As a habitual reader of hard-core BDSM erotica, I remain a devoted, avid reader of Leslie Parma's stories, who tops my list authors who can be counted on to deliver a river between my legs from currents running deep through the darkest caverns of my soul. A little something for many disturbing, twisted tastes in this story, with Krissie, the "nice girl" masochist addicted to shame, humiliation & degradation, her "nice guy" turned sadist boyfriend, Eric the twink addicted to humiliating tease and denial, "forced" masturbation, emasculation and homoerotic degradation & shaming. Under the paternal tutelage as well as maternal mentoring. Add some forced lesbian domination, degrading bestiality and publicly mortifying "toilet training"... And when, on top of that, you locate it at a former slave plantation, with black nurse visiting for her own treatment as she craves to be enslaves, humiliated and degraded by young white cheerleader/sorority girls... well, this black mother and professor was taken deep inside and beside herself, utterly enthralled and appalled at herself...
  • Angela's Shame on Aug. 30, 2013

    This author has done it again. Historically and currently, culturally and personally as salient and resonant as it is disturbing and degrading, the story stoops low to step up to the high standard Leslie Parma's stories have consistently set. As the African American professor and mother who pitifully and shamefully requested this story, based on one of my darkest, most twisted and disgusting fantasies, I disclose my self-abusing bias along with my perversely debased appreciation of this story of Angela's Shame. The shame and masochistic pleasure are all mine. That the story I requested was published on the 50th anniversary of the march on Washington and MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech, while I was in Washington, D.C., with students, colleagues, friends and family for the anniversary was and is precisely the point... "I Have a Nightmare" from which I cannot wake, leaving me writhing and wet, drenched yet unquenched, quaking and aching for more...
  • Woman Marine Harassed on Oct. 15, 2013

    Another well-written masterpiece by this author. Well researched, meticulously detailed, realistic, graphic and disturbingly arousing, especially given the physical, emotional and sexual torment of the woman marine. In fact, becoming aroused reading about her abuse--as told by both the reporter and by her as she is sobbing is a wrenching experience for the reader parallel to the what the woman marine feels relaying what happened to her. This author takes you where few others can or will.
  • Slavery in Black and White, Episode 1: on Feb. 01, 2014

    As a Black professor with children by White men, it shames and humiliates me to confess to finding this story wonderfully well-written, thoroughly enjoyable and all the more arousing for the shame and humiliation I feel I confessing that. I simply LOVED this story and cannot wait to read to the other two parts. In fact, even more shamefully and powerfully arousing, I developed a profound affection for and attachment to the story and its characters, and identify with Kendra in ways that are difficult to comprehend. It is true, as other reviewers have noted, that this story is less harsh than one might expect. I am eager to find out where it goes from here.
  • Babysitter Tails #3, Zoe, Before the "Sessions" on March 15, 2014

    I read a lot of BDSM erotica and I gave this the highest ranking. I am really enjoying this series, and eagerly awaiting more. Although I personally prefer more non-consent, unwilling arousal, resistance, shame and humiliation, I found this well-written and arousing. In fact, as a feminist professor and mother two daughters several years older and younger than Zoe, the shame and humiliation is mine for enjoying this series so much. My special appreciation and thanks to the author for offering the series for FREE! ... Now how to face my daughters again? As a black woman, I can only thank my dark skin for obscuring my blush of shame.
  • Enslaved Teacher on Nov. 14, 2019

    Wow. As hardcore as this is, it is definitely much better written than most with these themes.