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I am a black professor and mother of three.


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  • Black Woman's Sexual Humiliation on April 14, 2013
    (no rating)
    As an African American professor of race and gender studies and mother of daughter just out of law school, I found this story deeply disturbing on several levels... because of its degrading and disgusting racial and sexual stereotypes conveyed in the black mother and daughter in the story... because of the compulsive, submissive masochistic arousal the mother and daughter are perversely conveyed to experience at the repulsive, sadistic cruelty of their treatment by white men and women and even boys and girls... and because, most shameful and humiliating of all, I asked, even begged, Leslie to write it based on my fantasies and experiences. As with his other stories, Leslie wrote it well, pacing the plot and briefly, deftly tracing the characters with an empathetic sensitivity and acuity all the more astonishing--and all the more disturbingly anguishing--in the midst of the brutality and cruelty of the racist, misogynist sadism to which mother and daughter are subjected. It sears my soul to analyze,recognize and agonize over how historically, culturally and personally resonant this story truly is. I shudder with mortifying, horrifying fear and (self-) loathing over the prospect of my daughter reading this story and this review, uncovering and discovering her mother (and herself?) wrenched from years of delusion and denial, awash in excruciating shame drenched in gushing nigger goo.
  • Interrogation of a Mother on April 14, 2013

    As with other stories by this author, I found this story deeply disturbing, horrified by what the mother and son had inflicted on them, mortified by how much I identified my self and my own son with them, tormented and conflicted by how afflicted and addicted I felt as its perversely twisted themes and images threaded and wound their way through the deepest, darkest caverns of my repressed, obsessed cravings. The story is still haunting me, taunting me every time I glance at my teenage son and wince at what I wonder is the way that he now sees me or the way that I see him, and which way is delusion and denial as both bring dread and desire.
  • Black Woman's Sexual Humiliation on April 14, 2013

    I hope this and other authors are inspired by this story and the painful, truthful authenticity of my response to further explore and write more about the humiliation and degradation of black women and girls by white men, boys, women and girls in ways that let us see into the deepest, darkest passages of the savages we still are, whatever fragile vestiges and flimsy veils of delusion and denial we dredge up to trudge our way through the day.
  • Krissie's Training on July 15, 2013

    Once again a skillfully written, powerfully, perversely arousing story by this prolific, terrific author. As a habitual reader of hard-core BDSM erotica, I remain a devoted, avid reader of Leslie Parma's stories, who tops my list authors who can be counted on to deliver a river between my legs from currents running deep through the darkest caverns of my soul. A little something for many disturbing, twisted tastes in this story, with Krissie, the "nice girl" masochist addicted to shame, humiliation & degradation, her "nice guy" turned sadist boyfriend, Eric the twink addicted to humiliating tease and denial, "forced" masturbation, emasculation and homoerotic degradation & shaming. Under the paternal tutelage as well as maternal mentoring. Add some forced lesbian domination, degrading bestiality and publicly mortifying "toilet training"... And when, on top of that, you locate it at a former slave plantation, with black nurse visiting for her own treatment as she craves to be enslaves, humiliated and degraded by young white cheerleader/sorority girls... well, this black mother and professor was taken deep inside and beside herself, utterly enthralled and appalled at herself...
  • Angela's Shame on Aug. 30, 2013

    This author has done it again. Historically and currently, culturally and personally as salient and resonant as it is disturbing and degrading, the story stoops low to step up to the high standard Leslie Parma's stories have consistently set. As the African American professor and mother who pitifully and shamefully requested this story, based on one of my darkest, most twisted and disgusting fantasies, I disclose my self-abusing bias along with my perversely debased appreciation of this story of Angela's Shame. The shame and masochistic pleasure are all mine. That the story I requested was published on the 50th anniversary of the march on Washington and MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech, while I was in Washington, D.C., with students, colleagues, friends and family for the anniversary was and is precisely the point... "I Have a Nightmare" from which I cannot wake, leaving me writhing and wet, drenched yet unquenched, quaking and aching for more...
  • Woman Marine Harassed on Oct. 15, 2013

    Another well-written masterpiece by this author. Well researched, meticulously detailed, realistic, graphic and disturbingly arousing, especially given the physical, emotional and sexual torment of the woman marine. In fact, becoming aroused reading about her abuse--as told by both the reporter and by her as she is sobbing is a wrenching experience for the reader parallel to the what the woman marine feels relaying what happened to her. This author takes you where few others can or will.
  • Slavery in Black and White, Episode 1: on Feb. 01, 2014

    As a Black professor with children by White men, it shames and humiliates me to confess to finding this story wonderfully well-written, thoroughly enjoyable and all the more arousing for the shame and humiliation I feel I confessing that. I simply LOVED this story and cannot wait to read to the other two parts. In fact, even more shamefully and powerfully arousing, I developed a profound affection for and attachment to the story and its characters, and identify with Kendra in ways that are difficult to comprehend. It is true, as other reviewers have noted, that this story is less harsh than one might expect. I am eager to find out where it goes from here.
  • Babysitter Tails #3, Zoe, Before the "Sessions" on March 15, 2014

    I read a lot of BDSM erotica and I gave this the highest ranking. I am really enjoying this series, and eagerly awaiting more. Although I personally prefer more non-consent, unwilling arousal, resistance, shame and humiliation, I found this well-written and arousing. In fact, as a feminist professor and mother two daughters several years older and younger than Zoe, the shame and humiliation is mine for enjoying this series so much. My special appreciation and thanks to the author for offering the series for FREE! ... Now how to face my daughters again? As a black woman, I can only thank my dark skin for obscuring my blush of shame.
  • Bound and Gagged in the Asylum on Jan. 10, 2020

    Very well written. Good character and plot development, imaginative torments, psycho-emotional as well as physical. Really arousing and with amusing moments cleverly woven into a dark, twisted tale. Highly recommended.
  • Used and Abused in the Asylum on Jan. 10, 2020

    A worthy sequel to Bound and Gagged, Vol. 1 of the Bondage Asylum series. Again, very good character and plot development, attention to psycho-emotional as well as physical and sexual torments, good emphasis on lasting shame and humiliation. While a lot of attention is given to physical intricacies of BDSM, as in Vol. 1, it is remarkable how much attention is also given to developing full-dimensional characters that are racially, ethnically and culturally diverse, each with distinctive personalities. Very well done.
  • Kidnapped Cheer Squad in Slavery Hell on Jan. 10, 2020

    As with other books by this author, a really well-written book in an intriguing, ongoing series. Racially and culturally diverse characters, well-developed with individually distinctive personalities. Imaginative BDSM torments, with attention to psychological and emotional aspects as well as physical and sexual aspects. Dark, but with cleverly devised amusing moments. Very enjoyable and well done.
  • Kidnapped Coeds In Basement Bondage Hell on Jan. 10, 2020

    I love this author's books, and this series in particular. Very well written. Plot and character development consistently good, with attention to details in scene setting, physical and emotional aspects of BDSM, diverse characters with distinctive personalities. As new characters are added in the series, and characters from earlier volumes in the series re-appear, I get invested in the characters, particularly certain victims, and am always eager to discover what has happened, does happen and will happen to them. Especially so given how dark these books are. An exceptionally good and prolific author. Highly recommended.
  • Kidnapped Shop Girls in Burglary Bondage Hell on Jan. 10, 2020

    Yet again, a great book by this author in this exquisitely dark and twisted series. Plot and character development are exceptional. Emotional and physical details of non-consensual BDSM probed in depth and detail. Racially and culturally diverse characters with distinctive personalities. Dark, hardcore erotica with occasional clever humor. Really good. Great series.
  • Cuck Storm Horizon on March 09, 2020

    Much appreciated and highly recommended. This is a very well conceptualized and well-written cuckold story. One of the very best, if not the best, in realistically and immersively delving into and detailing the obsessive-compulsive thoughts and feelings of a loving cuckolded husband. The style and content both express and reinforce the lived experience of the cuckold husband. I wish the author would continue it. I am eager to learn more ... more about what happens with with Mike and with other men and women characters so skillfully introduced through the first two volumes ... And, most especially, more of the thoughts and feelings of the wife, Ashley, as she further cuckolds her husband David, gains increasing experience and pleasure dominating and humiliating him, and as more and more people, including friends and family, learn more and participate more.
  • No Mercy on July 11, 2020

    Venturing into new avenues of perversion and new series for this skilled writer with this elaborate narrative of verbally and physically brutal Raceplay BDSM and abuse. A slew of well-drawn black, Latina and white primary and secondary characters stirred into a blasphemous, incestuous stew of stereotypes and tropes, curdling with cruel parody and irony, tragedy and comedy. Racial and sexual humiliation and degradation galore. It should almost go with saying that any and all of this carries trigger warnings at the level of a semiautomatic weapon. By its very nature, the subgenre of Raceplay BDSM is something like surgery on festering wounds with garden tools without antiseptic or anesthetic precautions. But, done well, with skill, what makes it excruciating and yet perversely, darkly stimulating can be starkly illuminating as well. This author has the skills. With caution lights for the squeamish and skittish, I highly recommend this book, and look forward to others to follow in this series.
  • A Day at the Beach on Oct. 01, 2020
    (no rating)
    A well written, very enjoyable little story. Skillfully swift, deft character and plot development. I just wish it was longer, or that the author would write a prequel and/or sequel. Or perhaps one of this author's other short stories, Shanice's Secret, which I also really enjoyed, is something of a sequel? Regardless, both of theses short stories are good, with characters and interracial themes I'd love to see further developed.
  • Shanice's Secret on Oct. 01, 2020

    A well-written, imaginative and really enjoyable short story. Like A Day at the Beach, this story has a cleverly, efficiently developed cast of interracial characters with some raceplay that is taken further here. As with Like a Day at the Beach, I wish this story was longer with a prequel and/or sequel. However, because the central character in this story has the same name as a secondary character in A Day at the Beach, I wonder if, perhaps, these two short stories are, or could be made into, something of a series? In any case, I thank the author and hope for more stories longer or along similar lines.
  • A Day at the Beach on Oct. 01, 2020

    Adding to my review of this story ... This author is also quite skillful and insightful at portraying the darker sides of characters and emotional complexity and depth--all the more remarkable in stories this short. This can also be seen in this author's Girls Get Raped series. That is all the more reason that I would love to see longer stories and/or prequels and sequels. IMO, this author and these characters with these themes are too good to not be further developed.
  • Perspectives: Side B on Dec. 02, 2020

    Intricately detailed characters and actions, horrendous and harrowing, sensuous and arousing in dark, disturbing ways. The author does a very good job of taking you into the mind and emotions, actions and reactions of the perpetrator and victim.
  • Queens To Whores on March 27, 2021

    As a Black professor and mother of two daughters and a stepdaughter (darker and lighter skinned and White), I can attest to how insightful this book is about the complex and paradoxical socio-cultural and psycho-emotional dynamics of many things on many levels ... status and esteem, longing for belonging, loyalty and and (self-)betrayal ... racial and sexual domination and humiliation .. love and hate ... the powerful and shameful torments and pleasures of sadism and masochism, racism and sexism ... These dynamics and the arousal levels peak in the last chapter, so that, even though it's a dreaded cliffhanger, much like the featured characters, it left me compulsively masturbating, obsessively anticipating the sequel ... Quality character and plot development. The author writes well, offering insights as well as arousal along the way. A really good read. A slower burn than the author's other raceplay-themed book, No Mercy, but plenty of heat and lots of light along the way. Interesting contrasts with this authors' the more hard-driven, action-packed Kidnapped series, which has culturally diverse characters and which I also enjoyed. This author is skilled in writing and appealing to diverse interests and tastes in erotica, and I recommend the other series as well.
  • Annabel and Mr. Nash Part Three The Conclusion on April 06, 2021

    The conclusion of this saga of humiliation and degradation of Anabel is fitting (and yet leaves an opening for potential further follow ups). Like the author's other stories, Anabel's tale is very well written with an array of well-developed characters and perversely interesting plot twists involving other characters and innovative, often amusing, always arousing, and darkly, creatively cruel. I highly recommend this book and series, as well as others by this author for the quality of writing and the author's imaginative creativity.
  • Alisha is Sent to the Farm on May 01, 2021

    A spin-off from the author's Annabel saga with its own distinctive twists. A very dark, cruel tale, brutal and disturbing in many respects. All the more disturbing (and brilliant) for being so deftly well-crafted to be sadomasochistically arousing while also acutely and astutely resonant historically and politically, socially and culturally about class-race and sex-gender structures and relations. With all of this resonance, it is a sensually and emotionally immersive experience that, amidst its cruelty and brutality, does not let you lose touch with the humanity of traumatized, agonized young woman whom others have dehumanized. A big glob of trigger warnings and no happy ending ... though the implicit potential for a continuation, which I fervently hope is forthcoming.
  • The Mariposa Academy on June 05, 2021

    Well-constructed characters and plot. Twisted and very arousing. Would love to have a sequel or others by this author along these lines.
  • Alisha Goes Back to Work Part One on June 15, 2021

    An incredible accomplishment in and of itself, this is only one part of something that is difficult to adequately review without overly complicating any summary description and coming across as exaggerating the praise. The prose, the writing, is superb--a marvel and pleasure to read--as is the case with other parts of the story and other stories by this author. As is also the case with other parts the story, and other stories of his, this author is uniquely skilled in taking the reader into and through experiences of shame and humiliation in many devilishly devised forms and contexts, at many levels and from various angles through many well-constructed characters without losing touch with the centrality and complexity of the main ones. Within and through its sadomasochistic scenes and themes, the story is very erotic and sensual, but, without being overtly a socio-political critique and 'intellectual' in ways that make it less arousing, in my opinion, astutely scathing socio-political observations are threaded and woven into the story about classism, racism, sexism, careerism and the precarious and treacherous state of humanity and morality in each of the characters ... and in all of us, especially those of us reading this astonishing, anguishing tale, and, like the characters in it, being aroused by what we should have simply despised. Appalling and yet enthralling, the story immerses the reader in scenes and events, conflicted and addicted characters who inflict and experience capricious, imaginative, outrageous cruelty, and yet keeps the reader keenly in touch with the humanity and emotional complexity of the characters ... and of ourselves, if and when we let it. Surely many would be, will be, offended by things in this story, and, for those and that especially, in my opinion, it could and should be even more strongly recommended.
  • Gangbanged By Timber Wolves In Front Of My Cuckold! on Dec. 02, 2021

    Wow. Short but well written. As a Black woman, much like the protagonist, I found the combination of raceplay and cuckoldry with forced-then-wanton bestiality shamefully, powerfully arousing. Well done. Just wish it would have been longer and further explored.
  • Reamed By The White Beach Bully's Big Cock! on Dec. 02, 2021

    Short but hot. A skilled author, but I wish the stories were longer and more fully developed.