I live in a large city in Ontario, Canada after many years of training horses in the country. Once I sold my training facility, where I also taught riding and ran a children's riding camp, my life became very quiet. Like most mothers, I never see my 4 adult children enough.

I like to read and review books. Romantic suspense is my preferred genre with romantic comedy being a close second.

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  • Pam of Babylon on May 01, 2015

    I didn't enjoy this book about a man having a heart attack and his wife and mistress being informed, both going to the hospital to see him. The man dies and the wife finds out about the mistress. She is OK with the mistress and wants to be friends! The wife, Pam, is completely insane! Then we find out that Pam's sister, Marie, was also in love with the dead guy. Unfortunately, this book was boring and the characters were ridiculous. Nobody would act the way Pam did when she learned about all her husband's issues! I know I should have stopped reading it at some point but I just can't seem to leave a task unfinished so I read the whole book.
  • Not Without You on Aug. 11, 2015

    Lisa is researching a toad that is near extinction in the Rockie Mountains. She doesn't know that there is a killer who is in the mountains and following her. Walsh is a Marine who served in Afghanistan and is now living alone in the mountains looking for peace and quiet. When he sees Lisa and the person following her, he knows he has to protect her. Walsh was a good character who was very capable of living alone in the mountains and looking out for people as all Marines are. I couldn't connect with Lisa though and found her hard to relate to. She was so intent on researching the toads that the rest of the world disappeared. She was an environmentalist that went way too far in not leaving a human footprint in the wilderness and not eating meat or killing an animal even though it was going to kill her. She was very capable but foolish at the same time. I guess because I didn't think much of Lisa, I couldn't see what Walsh liked about her. The descriptions of the mountains were extremely well written. The vivid descriptions painted wonderful pictures of the beautiful but difficult terrain. The suspense of what the killer would do next and the romantic feelings between Lisa and Walsh kept my interest. Please note I received a complementary copy of this book from Inspired Kathy in exchange for my honest review.
  • The Crazy Girl's Handbook on Feb. 21, 2016

    I loved this book! I laughed so hard I was shaking at the mishaps that Greenly went through. The writing was so well done that I felt I was a friend to Greenly, going through her life with her. I liked all the characters, not just Greenly. There was single dad Roman (Greenly's love interest), his 7 year old son, Sammy who was just too cute, Greenly's over-protective sister, Lydia and Roman's ex-wife, Jen who all played big parts in this story. I can't forget Greenly's nephews because one of them was the main reason for the laughs at the beginning of the story. Even though there were a lot of funny things happening throughout this book, it wasn't all chuckles. When Greenly realizes she has a stalker, things get serious. If you like romantic comedy you don't want to miss this book.
  • Daddy, M.D.: A Medical Romance on March 27, 2016

    I loved this book! It starts out with little 5 year old Spike walking into a doctor's office saying his tonsils fell out. Yes, FELL out. He knew he could get ice cream if he lost his tonsils so having then fall out seemed like a good idea to him. The doctor was Pediatrician Chad Markham who didn't fall for the boy's plan and took him home. There he met the boy's Aunt Jill who was in the process of adopting Spike. Sparks flew between this pair but not good sparks at first. This is a well written fun story with some sad parts in it too. It was sad that Spike lost his parents but there were so many funny parts that made it easy to enjoy. Like the Mall Santas, fun animal scenes and Spike himself was so funny and cute as most 5 year olds are. I was so glad I won this book in a Harlequin Junkie giveaway because I've always loved Jacqueline Diamond's books.
  • Designer Genes: A Surprise Baby Romantic Comedy on Dec. 31, 2017

    A few months after giving birth to Allie, Buffy's husband wants a divorce and asks for a paternity test to prove Allie is his. That's how they found out the clinic mistakenly switched sperm donations and her husband is not actually Allie's father. After the divorce, Buffy thinks Carter (Allie's biological father) should know he has a daughter, so she leaves LA for Texas to tell him. Buffy was used to her husband paying for the best of everything for her. Living in Los Angeles was a completely different world than where Carter lived in Nowhere, TX. She didn't know what to make of the small town where everyone knew everybody else. How does she tell him that he's a father? While she is trying to figure that out, she organizes the women in Nowhere to sew her designs and sells them in Carter's garage. He doesn't know what to make of this woman but is enamoured with the little girl. He can't get Buffy out of his mind either. This story has wonderful characters. Carter was an exceptionally good man. I loved the way he was so good with the little girl. I didn't like Buffy at first because she was a bit snooty. After she got to Nowhere Junction and became a nicer person, I liked her a lot. Even the secondary characters were good and I would like to hear more about them. But I couldn't stand Buffy's husband and was hoping he would get a taste of his own medicine. I have been a fan of Jacqueline Diamond for years so I was thrilled when I won this book. You have to read this unpredictable romance.
  • In the Line of Fire on Oct. 12, 2018

    In this book, Dr. Samantha Stone received death threats from international criminal, The Recruiter. As the best security expert at Pytheon International, Jett Smith-Jones makes it his duty to keep her safe. That means being with her every hour of the day. Doesn’t sound too hard. And it wasn’t until Sam and Jett had trouble fighting their attraction for each other. This story has constant action with Jett trying to keep Sam safe throughout. With two villains after her, Jett had his hands full keeping her alive. That got even harder once this couple gave into their attraction. Will their new relationship jeopardize their safety? Since they couldn’t stop thinking about each other, it’s quite possible. They were constantly thinking "got to have him/her" so Jett’s mind was definitely not on his work all the time. While this book was full of action and steamy romance, there was so much going on with 2 bad guys after Sam and so many characters that it was hard to keep everything straight. If you like books with lots of steam and action, this is for you. *I received this book in exchange for my honest review which I have voluntarily given.
  • The Sheriff's Christmas Angels on Oct. 12, 2018

    This was such a good romance. It was very sweet and had a Christmas setting but can be ready at any time. Cole was comfortable with his life as a rancher and interim Sheriff. He and his little girl were doing fine on their own. But Cole’s mother, Mae, didn’t agree and was always trying to play matchmaker. He was tired of his mother’s interference in his life, and a bit annoyed by it. She was delighted when he told her she could hire someone with computer skills to get his office in order. Finally, she could help him in some way. In the meantime, Mae had been looking after the little girl, Charlie. One day Charlie ran into an old garage after hearing an animal whimpering. Mae went after her but couldn’t get through the small space. It was at this time that Emma came by and stopped to help. She rescued the puppy and child. After learning that Emma was looking for a job and had just graduated from college, Mae offered her a job with a great salary and a place to stay. After the hard life Emma had, she couldn’t believe her luck at the offer. Even though Mae did exactly what he had asked of her and hired someone to organize his paperwork, Cole was suspicious of his mother’s motives. Especially when he is attracted to the woman she hired. His wife leaving him when their child was still a baby turned him off women. He doesn’t trust them and does not want a relationship. Mae was the best. She was a wonderful mother and grandmother. She had a way of making everyone feel comfortable and loved. Cole was a grump at first but turned into a great guy once he accepted that Emma wasn’t like his ex. Emma proved she was dependable by organizing the business records and caring for Charlie. Even though she had low self-esteem, she knew she was good at her job and loved all parts of it. Especially Charlie. But Charlie was the one who’s everyone’s lives revolved around. As it should with a child. She was a sweet little girl with a cute puppy. This story will pull you into the Christmas spirit and make you believe that miracles can happen. I’m so glad I won this book from Library Thing. You’ve got to love a book that leaves you with a tear in your eye. This is a wonderful Christmas story and I definitely recommend it.
  • Christmas Glitter on Oct. 12, 2018

    After damaging one of her hands in a car accident, Dakota not only lost her ability to create jewelry but lost her fiance' as well. Feeling she would never be able to get her life back if she didn't get away from her coddling parents, she moved to Cherry Lake. Eager to fit into the community, she volunteered to work on the community's annual Christmas tree gala. Adam came back to Cherry Lake to take over his father's real estate business. His father had just had a serious heart attack and Adam wanted to give him time to recover without worrying about the business. The timing was perfect since Adam's soccer team was on a break. This is where Dakota met Adam. When he to volunteered for the Christmas tree gala, they found that they worked well together. This just made their mutual attraction stronger. However, since Adam was only there for a short time, he didn't want to start anything with Dakota. But you can't control the heart. I really liked Dakota and Adam. I couldn't help feel sorry for Dakota after having the accident. Not being able to make jewelry as she loved to (and was famous for) was devastating for her. I admired her determination to find another way to be creative. Adam was a good man who didn't hesitate to help out his family and community, even though he was struggling with his own problems. Should he retire or not? With constant soccer-related injuries, he needed to decide soon. This is a wonderful story about friendship, community and love. It will keep you smiling as you follow this couple in their relationship and the events taking place around Christmas time. I was happy to receive this book from Library Thing and give my opinion of it.
  • The Would-Be Mommy on May 02, 2020

    The Would-Be Mommy is simultaneously heartbreaking and uplifting. Jennifer is an excellent PR director for Safe Harbor Medical. Now that the renovations are finished, it's known as the leading baby hospital. Jennifer thought the press conference went smoothly until young mothers began showing up to drop off their babies! Then one, in particular, wanted Jennifer to take her baby to raise. Ian has had an exciting career, working all over the world as a reporter. He thought covering the hospital story would be boring but once the babies started being dropped off, he knows there is a good story there. Jennifer quickly falls in love with baby Rosalie. Nothing is more important than keeping her safe, especially after losing her baby years ago. As she spends more time with Ian, she starts falling for him too. But she knows he won't be around long. What she doesn't know is that Ian is falling for her and the baby, too. When a secret Jennifer has hidden for years, comes out, will she lose Rosalie and Ian? Jennifer is a good person, always trying to help others and make the best of everything. It was wonderful to see her get a baby to love. Ian is a bit of a jerk at first but as the story progressed and he started thinking about more than just his career, I liked him more. I enjoy medical romance, especially when there is drama, so I was very happy I won this novel. If you like medical romance, I recommend this book.