Here are a few things that might interest you about me as an author:
I live somewhere above the Equator.
My e-mail, for business and fan letters, is jawdfanemail@gmail.com
I recently started to work with the cool people at Radish Fiction. Radish is an iOS app, for serialised fiction, with an Android version of the app coming out soon.
JAWD, if you couldn't have guessed, is a synonym/pseudonym.
The whole reason that I'm a writer is so that whoever's reading my work can get something out of my writing, whatever it may be. So, if you read something of mine, and you feel that you got something significant out of it, or you just want to write me, please feel free to e-mail me at the above address.
You can connect with me on social media at the following link if you wish: https://www.instagram.com/jawdthewriterofficial/?hl=en
Good day!

Smashwords Interview

What do you read for pleasure?
Sometimes I'll read poetry, uhm, especially Emily Dickinson, oh, I love her. But mostly I read literature. Very seldom will I read teen fiction (aka young adult fiction) but there have been a few instances over the years where the book's just been so enticing, and I had to read it (case in point: how i live now by Meg Rosoff).
Describe your desk
My desk? My desk. The desk that I use or the desk where I write? The desk that I use is very old, but it's in mint condition. It was actually my mother's grandmother's, so my great-grandmother's, I think? But because I've got carpet under that desk, I don't use it too often so I sit in my bed and write.
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