JB Duncan


JB Duncan grew up in South London where, against expectation, he did well at school and was the first member of his family to study at university. His memories of further education are mostly of cricket, but between matches he read theology and went on to train for ordained ministry in the Church of England.

He has recently retired but looks back over a varied ministry in largely urban parishes. Over the years, he has flirted with fiction but he now, finally, has time to share the stories that have been fermenting in his head for more than three decades.

He is married with children, is looking forward to being a grandfather but has absolutely no intention of growing old gracefully. His zest for life, and absurdity, are sharper than ever and his novels, which are rooted in his experiences as a Parish Priest, are exuberant and entertaining. JB insists, however, that his novels are in no way autobiographical - not even slightly...

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