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JB. Woods author of ‘Stolen Birthright’ is a retired soldier and industrial operator. An avid reader, he has had a yearning to write since leaving school. However, the need to provide an income for his family prevented him from achieving that wish. Since retiring he has had many short stories published and has Ghost written a Biography for a client from Zimbabwe. He has also edited memoirs for a colleague from Yorkshire and is writing his third novel called ‘Eleanor’ a historical story set in 19th Century England and Australia.
He has also ventured into the world of script-writing and has completed a mini-TV series of 'George Barrington Hunter'

Smashwords Interview

Why did you choose to write under the name JB. Woods?
When I decided to write ‘Stolen Birthright’ which is my version of the events which occurred in my wife’s family history I wanted a pen name that would stand out. I had been told previously to pick something that would put it on the top alphabetical shelf of book stores but I decided to do the opposite and put it on the bottom and I also needed something easy to remember as I am not getting any younger. At the time authors names beginning with initials were in favour (JK for instance ), hence J for Jenny, my wife’s name, B for Brian, my name and Woods was my mothers maiden name.
Which of your books is your favourite?
This is difficult but I think ‘Stolen Birthright.’ It was my first book and because of its family connection and the interesting historical research I had to do. Although the plot for ‘George Barrington Hunter’ had been in my mind a long time before and the homework I had to do with the ‘Paphos Writers Group’ helped me piece together the final manuscript.

I also enjoyed writing the stories for ‘Henrietta’ immensely so you see my dilemma
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