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JD Spivey has been writing and drawing since childhood. He has written screenplays, short novels and. He currently resides somewhere in Virginia where he volunteers in the children’s ministry and media department at his church. He can recognize when they use fake dinosaurs in films.

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So JD why did you decide to write Don’t Throw the Monkey out the Window?
As in the last two years, three of my friends have been shot and killed. A few other of my friends are currently in jail for murdering other people. The act of my friends being killed of either doing the killing became a natural acceptance for me for a while, mainly because I didn’t know how to deal with the issue of violence is many urban communities. I did charity work in Chicago trying to end the violence there but that was more of a one week basis thing that I did on my spring break. It wasn’t until Sandy Hook shootings in Connecticut that left 38 kids that the idea hit me. Just like most of the world I watched people have the gun debate about limiting guns and gun rights; I watched people talk about the health care system and how mental illness is hardly recognized by insurance companies. In short I watch many people have these conversations that ultimately led to no change at all. Until one night it hit me. Why don’t I just use my talents to entertain and teach the kids about learning how to fight their enemies with love and not with guns and violence? Thus don’t Throw the Monkey out the window was born.
But why not just champion for gun-reform?
I could have done that, and I still might. But I don’t believe that overall gun reform is the end all solution to gun violence in America. I’m not totally against it as it could save one life, two lives and maybe a little more. Then a change off laws will be worth it. The battle with congress will be worth it. But I have seen that in most cases (mainly Chicago) that those criminals are brazen. They don’t care about gun laws. What they care about is their pride and a sense of winning i.e. defeating those in battle they disagree with. Those criminals and people in general do not change by observance of the law; they are transformed by their change heart. What better way to do that than, teaching them at a young age so they don’t go astray when they are young.
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  • Six Short Horror Stories on Aug. 28, 2013

    I read your first short story "Farm Ghost" and it is actually pretty good. It would be nice to see you flesh it out as a good novella or series perhaps. Sure it ended with a new neighborhood being built, but there's always room for more entertainment. Good luck with your future endeavors man.
  • She's Dauntless on Aug. 28, 2013

    I want to read more