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J B Glazer developed a love of writing at a young age. She followed that passion to the University of Illinois, where she graduated from the College of Communications. She pursued a career in advertising because she loves being surrounded by creativity. In addition to being a marketer, she’s a wife, mom, blogger, chauffeur, referee, short-order cook, maid, chocoholic, shopaholic, and multitasker extraordinaire. She’s also an avid reader―Romance is her fave―and is inspired by authors like Colleen Hoover and Nicholas Sparks. J B has a thing for big, dramatic endings because that’s the fun of getting to happily ever after.

Smashwords Interview

What is your writing process?
I always start with a mental outline. For the most part my books are mapped out in my head before I even put pen to paper. Yes, I actually do write out some things the old-fashioned way. :-) My process is a combo of jotting things down in my notebook, which I carry with me everywhere because who knows when inspiration will strike, as well as just sitting down and typing. I don’t write in any particular order from the outline. With my first book I actually wrote the last chapter first. I prefer to write whatever section inspires me at the time. So I end up having multiple documents with names that are keywords to cue me as to what each section is about. The hard part is weaving them all together and creating those filler chapters that make it a holistic story. But when it happens, it’s like magic.
How do you approach cover design?
My cover aesthetic was somewhat of a happy accident. I had a vision for my first novel of two silhouettes leaning in for an almost kiss. I hired a company to do the design but they just couldn’t capture it. I started freaking out, but then I realized I worked at an agency with an entire creative department. How lucky was I to have that kind of talent at my disposal? I talked to one of my art directors and he said he would help me. He shared some different stock image approaches, one of which was this double exposure concept. I loved it and it’s never something I could have come up with on my own, but now it’s a key element of my brand. My books are set in Chicago, so each cover features the Chicago skyline embedded in the art. Since he and I left the agency, I’ve been working with Sarah Hansen from Okay Creations on my covers. She’s helped me to evolve my brand identity by establishing a consistent color palette, typography, and photography style. So whenever you see my covers they feel like they are part of the same family. I think they're pretty awesome. Hopefully readers will agree.
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In Search of Mr. Anonymous
Series: Lost & Found. Pre-release—available April 27, 2018. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 102,620. Language: English. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Contemporary
Event planner Lucy spends a passionate weekend with a handsome stranger as a result of losing a bet. She falls hard only to never hear from him again. She struggles with moving on until she meets James, her perfect match. Lucy realizes she must stop chasing the ghosts of her past if she wants a future with James. But the problem with ghosts is you never know when they’ll come back to haunt you.
I Should Have Said Yes
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 94,650. Language: English. Published: April 13, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Women's fiction » Chick lit
One word. One choice. Two lives forever changed. Blogger extraordinaire Tara Winters made a pact to say yes to any and every suitor after she let “The One” get away. She meets countless Mr. Wrongs, but her outrageous dates provide plenty of ammo. While she’s known to dish out dating advice to her followers, Tara soon discovers an important lesson: embracing “no” may be the key to her happy ending.
Out in the Open
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 116,020. Language: English. Published: April 13, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Contemporary
Co-workers. Secret Lovers. Flirting with Disaster. Ad exec Lexi Winters leaves her cheating fiancée and beloved New York for a fresh start. She lands a new job and meets Jake, the agency founder’s nephew. What begins as harmless flirtation soon crosses a line that threatens to destroy their promising careers. In a relationship plagued by secrets, will they risk everything to be out in the open?

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