Jasmine Ivey Weeks


* Hobby writer.
** I write when I feel like it, and may change what I have written often.
*** I will write Romance and/or Zodiac books.
* I love to read.
** I like to read romance books mostly, but will read other books too sometimes.

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  • The Hunters Declan and Tori on Oct. 09, 2021

    This book is amazing!!! I loved every bit of it!!! Though it was VERY Inappropriate, it is an amazing book. Very erotic. I highly suggest you read this book at at least 16.
  • A Hot Mess on Oct. 09, 2021

    I just finished reading this book and I just have to say, that this is an amazing story!!! I love this book and always will!!! I will probably read this book again and again because it's so amazing!!! I highly suggest this book.