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J.L. Sage is a writer with a taste for the spicy. With stories that range from relatively tame to outlandishly wild, no topic is off limits — not even Bigfoot.

With a particular penchant for the fantastical, J.L. Sage thoroughly enjoys stories that push the boundaries of the mind and the body. Anything goes, from soldiers carving out a bit of time for pleasure in the midst of a civil war to a lonely woman rediscovering her body with a vampire.

By day, she writes advertising copy for businesses. By night, she delves into the baser desires of man and maid, exploring the intricate sensations that drive men to insanity and women to the throes of ecstasy.

When not writing, J.L. Sage enjoys traveling, tennis, video games, and spending time with family — not to mention trying out a myriad of new and sexy positions in the bedroom.

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Twitter: @JLSage1