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  • Sordid on Oct. 06, 2016

    OMG! I was freaking literally sucked into this book before I finished the first chapter! I could not put the damn thing down. Still can't understand really why Amazon has banned it. There is one questionable scene but hell people if someone out there was offended or put off by it well then I suggest you stop reading all together, including newspapers. Worse shit than that actually takes place every day out there in this great big ugly world we live in. This is fiction people. Be thankful! But I know of almost the same thing basically happening to a very close friend. Those that are bothered by such things should not read such books. Easy enough to avoid "dark" romance books instead of reporting such content. I thought this was a very well written story. It flowed very nicely and never stalled out after the first 6-8 chapters. I thought the character development was there and I felt a true connection to the characters. I hope that we will have additional books in the future with these characters, secondary and maybe even an appearance of the main characters. I definitely will be reading more of Ms. Sloane's work, as this is my first read of hers!