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  • Arrival of the Traveler on Jan. 24, 2013

    "The journey begins here, and here it shall end, with nothing changed save those who return." This is a journey- for a new writer and her heroine Lena, a new member of the Silenti. Silenti comes from the Roman word for Silent. The Silenti are thought to be from a different place- one that would be traveled to by a portal. They have special gifts that separate them from mere humans. Arrival of The Traveller is the first of 3 books in the Waldgrave series. A magical place full of family secrets and secretive family. If I had reviewed this book without reading the others in the series, I may have reviewed it differently. I believe the entire first book is nothing but build up and stage setter for the others to come. There are alot of characters and multiple story-lines competing for your attention. I would say to anyone reading this story- I would highly recommend that they continue the series with Deception of The Magician and Secrets of The Guardian or you might feel incomplete. There continues to be too many story-lines but eventually some questions are answered and some of the angst between characters is put to rest. It was a good start for a new writer and I encourage that they continue on the writers' path.