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I've lived in the south of England all my life; had a lot of fun, been through some grim times too. My writing started at school, branched out into poetry, then lay unused until I started storytelling in the mid-nineties. It only took off when unemployment and other personal mayhem gave me the time and impetus to see if my dreams of being a writer were something worth pursuing. So far, it seems to be going well - apart from the 'making a living' aspect.

In my early teens I discovered Elvis, Gene Vincent and many rock 'n' roll greats. From there I progressed to heavy metal and rock music, and that's where I found a haven and source of joy ever since. Having a strongly religious mother it took me a while to learn to respect other faiths, which led me to explore my own faith. Paganism found me and there, like rock 'n' roll, I found a home. But that is my path. To each his own gods, and may your gods go with you.

I've worked everywhere from the loading bay to the boardroom. I've walked for miles in the rain and have driven at a quarter of the speed of sound. I've bled for a cause and fled from violence by choice. I've loved as if there was no tomorrow and wept inconsolable only to find that you have to carry on anyway. I've been fortunate enough to visit every continent on this planet.

Like many I have had my idiot moments, offset by moments where I have actually done good for no better reason than I was the one who could. I strive to be gentleman in a world of the gauche and the immediately gratified. A frustrated atavist, eclectic path pagan and rocker.

I am a writer, storyteller, poet and UK registered publisher. As I update this, I am completing my eleventh and twelfth books while my ninth and tenth are with my proof readers. I hope to be around long enough to complete the many more that are in various stages of completion and creation.

Regardless of my foibles, I sincerely hope you find something in my work that does it for you, or at the least gives you a bright moment.

Smashwords Interview

In no more than ten words, why did you become a writer?
A progression from storytelling that has been even more fun.
What motivated you to quit your day job?
I haven’t! I became unemployed in late 2010, suffered a few personal setbacks, then collated, revised and/or completed my early work for private publication while job hunting. As the climate for job hunting, especially in my career path, became very difficult, writing was, and remains, a way to do something while still searching. In early 2012, I sat down and had a good, long look at the publishing industry. In mid 2012, I decided to do the whole thing on my own, as far as I could. (Which means pretty much everything apart from volume distribution and a big marketing budget.) If all goes according to plan, I will have a ‘day job’ to support my writing, sooner or later. I consider the chance of my stories achieving a status where writing alone can support me to be slim. It would be a fine thing, but a certain cynicism/realism has to be applied.
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Stars of Black
Price: $3.50 USD. Words: 67,310. Language: English. Published: November 19, 2014. Category: Fiction » Horror » Weird fiction
There is a tainted play written by a genius who killed himself when it was completed. Any who read it will experience epiphanies beyond endurance. For countless centuries, the play and the monarch it tells of have wrought ruination and salvation. Inspired by the weird horror of nineteenth century authors Robert W. Chambers and Ambrose Bierce; get to know the original King in Yellow.
Agents of Fate
Series: Visions of the Future short fiction anthologies, Book 4. Price: $2.50 USD. Words: 50,300. Language: English. Published: September 2, 2014. Category: Fiction » Science fiction » Short stories
Within this book you will find over sixty views of futures near and far. Action, insight and emotion colour these tales of people on their journey through lives stranger than ours, and overcoming trials and malice along the way. Using the flash fiction format, interspersed with short fiction pieces, this collection will whisk you away to places and situations you’ve never dreamed of.
Fantastic Visions
Price: Free! Words: 23,750. Language: English. Published: April 24, 2014. Category: Fiction » Anthologies » Short stories - single author
An introduction to the writing of Julian M. Miles. Science fantasy, magical fantasy, horror - a selection drawn from all of his currently completed work.
The Borsen Incursion
Price: $3.50 USD. Words: 72,980. Language: English. Published: April 15, 2014. Category: Fiction » Science fiction » Space opera
A centuries-spanning tale of space warfare told from major and minor viewpoints, using over fifty pieces of carefully-crafted short fiction: the victories and the tragedies, the decisions that make or break civilisations, the resilience of ordinary people striving to cope. Be there when heroes are made and villains fall. Understand the motives of an enemy that seeks to drive humanity to the brink.
A Place in the Dark
Price: $3.50 USD. Words: 67,770. Language: English. Published: October 24, 2013. Category: Fiction » Horror » Undead
There are things out there you know nothing about, and would not believe even if you did. That wouldn't stop them from tearing you apart in a heartbeat. Fortunately for humanity, they spend most of their time and energies inflicting atrocities upon each other. This is the tale of one nightwalker's dark and baroque dance through the centuries. If it helps, you may consider it only fiction.
Come Tomorrow
Series: Visions of the Future short fiction anthologies, Book 3. Price: $2.50 USD. Words: 50,340. Language: English. Published: September 7, 2013. Category: Fiction » Science fiction » Short stories
The infinite possibilities for mankind’s future are as diverse as those contemplating them. While it seems that there are more predictions of ruin than utopia, the sheer adaptability and persistence of humanity has always been it’s greatest strength. Within this book you will find sixty views of where those strengths could take us, along with the foibles we have.
Series: Visions of the Future short fiction anthologies, Book 2. Price: $2.50 USD. Words: 50,480. Language: English. Published: March 28, 2013. Category: Fiction » Science fiction » Short stories
There are as many possible futures for mankind as there are people and organisations prepared to spend anywhere from an evening to several years thinking about them. Seventy flash and short stories of where humanity and its inventiveness could go, what it could be, or how it could fail. This collection will take you as far from today as you care to go and entertain you wherever you journey to.
Series: Visions of the Future short fiction anthologies, Book 1. Price: $2.50 USD. Words: 47,800. Language: English. Published: May 13, 2012. Category: Fiction » Anthologies » Flash fiction
Within this book you will find sixty-nine visions of where humanity could go and what they might get up to. Told from viewpoints ranging from the common man to the leaders of worlds, this volume provides a kaleidoscope of possibilities for your consideration. Using the flash & short fiction formats, this collection will take you far from today to visit many places that will fire your imagination.
Fire In Mind
Price: $3.00 USD. Words: 60,760. Language: English. Published: November 12, 2011. Category: Fiction » Anthologies » Short stories - single author
In a world that looks like the one you walk through every day, arcane encounters can change your life. Come and share some of those moments from the past and present of a world not as mundane as some would have you believe. From an age lost to history, discover wonders in a time when the magic around us did not always have to hide from man. 19 stories of dragons and magic for those who seek.
This Mortal Dance
Price: $1.50 USD. Words: 10,180. Language: English. Published: January 22, 2011. Category: Fiction » Anthologies » Poetry - single author
Poems on life, the nature of friendship and the various aspects of love and grief. Verses reflecting on my faith and interacting with the forces that share our world. Fantastical pieces on the nature of the unknown, thoughts on mankind's destructive nature and our impact on this planet. A book of hope reflected in verse ranging from humourous to solemn. Ninety-seven poems to help you on your way.

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