Born into poverty in Ireland in 1950, I grew up in a small Irish town called Buttevant in Cork County. I became fascinated with fire after setting my bed alight when I was seven while using a candle as a rocket. Later on my brother Kyrle and I would blot out the towns radio service as well as make missiles and attempt to shoot down a helicopter. Christmas usually brought us no toys, and we only ever had our active imaginations for entertainment. These dreams were encouraged by an extraordinary mother who never said no. Like many men in the fifties our father took to the drink early on in married life. And after my domineering old grandmother stole me from my parents when I was three months old, my fathers spirit broke and he never became sober again. From then on this old woman drove a wedge between me and my other siblings who were living across the street. Despite all this, I grew up loving science, the Wild West and dreaming of an American woman that I ultimately met after thirty years of searching, despite being married with three teenage children. I believe absolutely in the power of dreams, because I made them happen in my life over and over again and so can you when you read Two Walls and a Roof.

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