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Carmelita Conley
Latest book: Experiments of the Flesh. Published September 13, 2019.
Luke Kelly
Latest book: Daddy, Eat Me Out. Published September 26, 2013.
E J Step
Latest book: Milking the Milker: Hucow Inspector's Revenge. Published December 21, 2016.
Cassidy Shaddix
Latest book: My Sister - The Cam Girl. Published September 5, 2019.
Tara Nova
Latest book: Becoming a Hotwife 2. Published February 21, 2014.
Alastair Anders
Latest book: Dirty Gay Shorts. Published March 10, 2013.
Michael Mechant
Latest book: With Her Friend. Published November 16, 2018. (4.00 from 1 review)
R. Richard
Latest book: The Water of Death. Published September 13, 2019.
Kandi Kollett
Latest book: Play With Her | Taboo Daddy Daughter Incest Sex. Published September 30, 2018.
Betty Wank
Latest book: Dirty 25 Bundle. Published January 2, 2019.
Brenda Wild
Latest book: Daddy Drugs My Sleepover : Chapters 1 - 3. Published March 8, 2018.
Nina Katt
Latest book: Daddy Hypnotizes Daughter to Fuck Dog!. Published June 8, 2019.
Lila Devaux
Latest book: Punishing my Bratty Daughter. Published September 5, 2019.
Teddi Lawless
Latest book: Bad Daddy, Don't Shackle Me. Published July 21, 2019.
S. Randy
Latest book: 12 Hours in Bed. Published October 16, 2018.
Lisa Lorraine
Latest book: Licking Leslie (Lesbian Sex Erotica). Published August 22, 2013.
Allison Winter
Latest book: Paige Gets Knotty. Pre-release—available October 6, 2019.
Lily Amour
Latest book: Daddy, Do You Want Me to Suck You Off?. Published August 4, 2019.
Angel Hardly
Latest book: Slutty Behaving Daughter Gets Raped By Daddy. Published September 4, 2019.
Ashlee Colette
Latest book: Dad Lends A Hand. Published August 21, 2019.
Scarlett Divine
Latest book: Making Daddy Happy: A Dirty Daddy Story. Published September 6, 2019.
Lydia Love
Latest book: Sister Stripper 3: One Night of Sin. Published September 2, 2019.
Aimee La Bouche
Latest book: Blood Bonds, Part One. Published May 6, 2019.
James Lucien
Latest book: Coercing my Coed. Published August 9, 2019.
Latest book: Mystery Motel. Published August 16, 2019.
Houston Cei
Latest book: Angel Baby. Published August 6, 2019.
Callie Robles
Latest book: Punished by Daddy. Published September 15, 2019.
Peter King
Latest book: The Little Slavegirl. Published September 3, 2019.
Lise Pentti
Latest book: The Bully's Girl (The Complete Trilogy). Published August 22, 2019.
M. A. Layton
Latest book: The Suck Slave. Published June 24, 2019.
Gina Candy
Latest book: Mini Candy: Stories 241-360. Pre-release—available April 16, 2020.
Kyra Keeley
Latest book: Taken by the Staff. Published January 28, 2016.
Bette Braud
Latest book: The Afternoon Ride. Published September 18, 2018.
Zoe Black
Latest book: Daddy's Discipline. Published February 15, 2019.
Evil Brat
Latest book: Daddy and I Humiliate My Cuckold Husband. Published July 15, 2019.
Sophie Sin
Latest book: Virginity Lost Lovingly. Published July 27, 2019.
Dolly Burrell
Latest book: Fucked on Film by Daddy and the Dog. Published July 17, 2019.
Malaw Hule
Latest book: Dominated by My Dane: Mastering Sis!. Published June 10, 2019.
JJ Argus
Latest book: The Case of the Bound Blonde. Published September 6, 2019.
DeeDee Zee
Latest book: Daughter’s Anal Training Trance. Published September 9, 2019. (5.00 from 5 reviews)
Jenna Singer
Latest book: The School For Dominant Women. Published December 18, 2015.
Mandy McGee
Latest book: Daddy's Treat (Taboo Family Halloween Erotica). Published September 25, 2013.
Daisy Diamond
Latest book: Summer's in Heat. Published July 18, 2019.
Marie James
Latest book: Daddy's Sexy Kitten. Published July 28, 2019. (4.00 from 1 review)
Madison Fox
Latest book: Family Gangbang 5 Story Bundle. Published September 13, 2019.
Joe Land
Latest book: Sex Diary of a Dog: Stories 61-72. Pre-release—available February 25, 2020.
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