James Major


James Ryan Major
J.R. Major is has traveled the world and visited more than sixty countries. He is happily married with three grown children. He takes pride in having earned a Master Degree in Engineering and being a licensed professional engineer.
He was born in Brazil, S.A. but his roots are in the Iowa farm country. He hunted rabbits with a stick. He caught the snapping turtle much the same way. Milking four cows by hand before going to school made him hate early mornings. Helping raise rabbits and chickens for the family to eat made him careful about associating too closely with animals.
J.R. has worked all his life in a variety of fields. He was a farm hand, a dishwasher, a construction crew hand, a brick tender and a rail car loader all before graduating from High School. In the US Navy he was an electronic technician, and was trained as a nuclear reactor operator, he also was a hydrofoil navigator and helmsman. During his Navy days, he was also a bar tender in a “Bunny” club in Norfolk, Virginia.
After the Navy he went to Pensacola, Junior College. During this time he worked as a night watchman. He then went to the University of South Florida. There he did moving and hauling and painted houses.
J.R. earned a Master’s in Engineering from the University of South Florida; got a real job at Procter and Gamble; and became a professional Engineer.


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