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Smashwords book reviews by John Roger

  • Resurrection Blues on Oct. 29, 2011

    What a fun read! Josh brings out a ton of stuff about a town living out there in the hinterland without the aid or incumbrance of government. Since I lived 30+ yrs around Atlanta, I really enjoyed the references to locations and rivalries and the colloquialisms that make this story so believeable. Well done!
  • Six from Greeley on Nov. 01, 2011

    This is a quickie of short stories that will grab you with quirky tales and neat twists you wouldn't expect. Greeley, Texas! Who knew what strange occurances have happened in this small dusty town over a 100 yrs time. Loved it!
  • Under Saint Owain's Rock on Jan. 31, 2012

    This is a great read, quirky people in unusual situations in a country we don't normally even think about. Throw in a romance and a mystery and good fun..what could be better.