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  • The Tradition of Cheating at the Sport of Kings on March 07, 2012

    This is an eye-opening look into the dark side of racing. I found his book to be descriptive, informative, deeply moving and emotionally shocking. Glenn writes from the heart, deeply invested in his passion and his family tradition. I applaud him for writing this book for all to see. Thank you Glenn for giving me hope for the sport I love, for giving me the courage to continue to stand up for the changes that are far too long over due. We need new blood, new ideas, bold thinkers and brave individuals to pull this sport out of the status quo. I am a firm supporter of having a National Racing Commission to oversee, implement new rules and regulations that will bring ALL the players under one roof. That will make ALL the players accountable and responsible for their perview in this sport. The most important reason is for the well-being and safety of horse and rider. There can be nothing more important to any horseman. My translation of the Sport of Kings is: The Great Sport of Racing, People Living on A Wing and A Prayer, Spending More Money Than They Make, To Do Something That They Love.