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I love to read, craft and watch the rain.

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4-stars : Good - I really liked it

3-stars : Enjoyable - I liked it

2-stars : It was ok

1-star : Not recommended


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  • The Beast in the Mirror on Jan. 29, 2012

    A short, pleasant Beauty-And-The-Beast romance with a nice twist. Great sample of the author's writing.
  • Sleeping Handsome on June 29, 2012

    I was impressed by this short story. I felt that the author had put a lot of thought and care into it and it showed in this touching and romantic story. Paige (heroine) was a tad unlikeable in the beginning of the story, but then she began to change - I loved that she could appreciate what a great person Zach (hero) was and using him as an example, she started to change. I would love to read more about this couple. If the author would write a sequel, I would buy it without any hesitation.
  • His Indecent Proposal on June 29, 2012

    Featuring a dominant and somewhat abrasive hero, and a sweet, gentle and hesitant heroine, this short story took off right from the first page. Things happened very quickly. We were told that the hero had been watching and yearning for the heroine for six months before he made his move, so I could accept the pace and aggressiveness with which he worked - that man had waited long enough! I also found him to be rather romantic in a gruff and possessive way. The heroine, unfortunately, paled in comparison to the larger-than-life hero. I did enjoy this story mainly because I do like this author's brand of alpha males. I will keep reading her stories.
  • Connections (A Short Erotic / Erotica Romance) on July 02, 2012

    This is a surprisingly moving and sensuous story. The hero is such a great guy, patiently and gently coaxing the heroine out of her shell and he has a great sense of humour too. The romance is believable and the ending is nice. All in all, a great sampling of the author's writing.