Jack Anders


Jack Anders is the last of the baby boomer generations, and post a long professional career in the west, has decided to live out his life in Thailand. After many years of living in the aptly named, “Land of Smiles”, Jack decided to write about his experiences and perceptions of Thailand, and the Thai people.

Is Thailand really a place where every smile a foreigner receives, full of genuine intentions, or does the opposite apply? What do Thais really think of foreigners that visit Thailand, or make Thailand their home away from home? Can a foreigner find peace and tranquility in Thailand, or are the best of intentions doomed to fail from the outset?

In his series of books, Jack describes the day to day lives of foreigners living in Thailand, and the escapades they get up too behind the many closed doors which conveniently exist for their benefits. Thailand is like no other country on earth. For the new arrival, it appears absolutely chaotic and uncontrolled. Is this really the case, or are the regulation mechanisms just not readily apparent to those raised in the west?

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