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Isaac W. Koren studied philosophy and music at Sydney University and finished his degree at North Eastern University in Boston. While his thesis was on the Being of Music, he left academia to pursue a career in music, performing to over a million people as The Kin, signing to a major record label, touring arenas with Coldplay, Rod Stewart and P!NK and awarded a gold record. He continues to perform and write songs to this day in a writer-producer team called BRÅVES, with super-producer Johnny What.

His fascination with music grew over the years as he continued to research and collect the evidence for proving that we live in a musical cosmos. He demonstrated his harmonic limitation function to the famous Drake equation at the New York City Arts Club and has presented his music at TedEx La Jolla, hosted tables on Musical Cosmology at The Salon Dinner in NYC, as well as performed at the Near Future Conference in San Diego.

Isaac uses his musical cosmology to write hundreds of songs a year for emerging and successful artists and is currently writing a non-fiction book with his brother Thorald on the songwriter's journey. Together the Brothers Koren are committed to fostering expression as journeymen of the creative process.

Isaac lives with his beloved wife and poet Sophie and their three year old son Julius in Ojai, California.

Smashwords Interview

Describe your desk
My desk overlooks the Matilija Canyon in Ojai and is right next to my piano. On my desk are wooden block Platonic Solids, the sacred geometric shapes that form the building blocks of our musical cosmos. There is a painting of Metatron's cube, a mural to the Greek God Apollo and the nine muses and the Cymatic photography of the major scale. To the left is a photo of Duke Ellington meeting Queen Elizabeth and behind that is my Koren family tree, which reaches back to Norway in 1640's. My favorite place to think and work is while on a hike in the canyon.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
The possibility of sharing the RARITY of our spiritual experience in these ecstatic bodies living on this sacred Earth: Music.
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