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I was born in a trunk in the Princess Theater in... Whoops! Nope, that was Esther Blodgett. I was born in Greenwich Village USA in 1940, the year Japan caught us with our pants down. I was raised in smalltown, New Jersey during the 1950s and fell head over heels for Judy’s Vicky Lester and helped to crown Elvis King while bopping to his 45s and styling my hair (badly) into a DA; and I saw the anguish of Jim Stark and Cal Trask in my mirror. In the 1960s, I fell in love, not wisely, and returned to NYC as a foolish young adult, escaping into the tarnished silver screens of 42nd Street. During the 1970s, I fell in love again, and again not wisely, plus I manned the barricades as a gay activist, and dove into the deep end of the dope and disco pools and survived intact (if you don’t count the millions of little gray cells that may have been fried). The 1980s drew me to Florida where I wrote and sold mounds and pounds of porno. The 1990s brought me Death With Dignity and The Night G.A.A. Died, two published mystery novels, neither of which sold a sou. The 2000s still sees me in Florida, and my epic saga of Sam’s Hill and my detective mystery of Desperate Innocence are now e-booked and awaiting discovery.

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