Jack Stuckmayer

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Our Swaggy was born in a small town in Minnesota in August of 1934, the heart of the depression. His carefree childhood was spent playing in the fields and by the streams with friends. At age 11 he tired of play and got a job at the local grocery store, nine hours a day, six days a week and loved the excitement of working with his hands, getting to know the customers and becoming a functioning part of the community.
His family attended the community church where farmers, tradesmen and their wives sang exuberantly in four-part harmony from the Tabernacle Three hymnal. Thus began a life long love of singing and music.
After graduation from high school he was destined to marry, raise a family and live a happy, normal life in a loving community. But this was not to be. A chance encounter enticed him, on a whim, to toss all this aside. Thus began his life as a Swaggy.
Swaggy Tales is the story of his years of adventurous wandering. But after twenty-five years living conditions had changed. His world was gone, his Swaggy life was over and he found himself, as predicted, an old man without family, money, home or friends. But that’s another story. This book is about the young man in pursuit of life and living. Hope you enjoy the experiences.

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