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Are occasional or frequently occurring sexual problems disrupting your intimate moments? Ejaculating early, losing erection hardness or being unable to orgasm, all contribute to dissatisfying sex - both for you AND your partner.

I help men and women understand exactly how to solve their sexual and emotional issues so they can stop feeling alone and frustrated and start enjoying a mutually fulfilling relationship.

I'm not a doctor, but doctors and medical specialists visit me when they have these personal issues. Why? Because there is no known medical cure for sex problems and they are aware of the dangers of taking erectile medications. My method is now recommended by a leading medical oncologist.

Sex problems are often caused by a miscommunication occurring between the brain and the body. Your conscious mind can only focus on one task at a time - and if you are focused on the problem, you cannot simultaneously be focused on the solution.

If you miss one step of the brain's sexual program, or you do any of the steps in the incorrect order, then you will experience one of more of the aforementioned problems and lose control over your sexual experience.

After determining the triggers to your problem, I can provide a complete understanding of how to take control of the sexual act.

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