Keith Tutor


Keith Tutor

The basis of Jade and the Deva occurred to Keith some 25 years ago, although he was yet to meet Jade (for whom the books are named). Like his younger co-author, he shares a love of the ocean, along with a great interest in the enchantment and workings of the natural world.
Although never formally trained in it, Keith has always been a writer to some degree – writing material for tertiary education, design projects, promotional material and video production. He is a thinker, an observer and to some extent a strategist, and is adept at the minutiae of creating a realistic world of impossible possibilities. The Jade and the Deva series is his first foray into the world of fiction.

Jade Fishburn

Jade is a well-travelled young woman, who grew up in a sleepy NSW coastal village. Having taken marine studies at school, she became first an entry-level open water diver, then did her advanced open water ticket, and trained as a dive master on Lord Howe, aged 18. Jade fell in love with the ocean and knew she wanted to share it with others by transforming their perspectives of the underwater world. Her exploits have included becoming an underwater Videographer in the Caribbean Island of Curacao, and a scuba instructor in Honduras, Central America.
Jade has also always had a passion for creating. Art, sculpture, acting, writing, music and film have always been natural creative outlets for her. Jade is inspired by our natural world and the idea of capturing its elements in both film, and words. When Jade met Keith Tutor (a family friend), with both sharing a high regard for the natural world, their conversation naturally progressed, and Keith mentioned a magical story he had conceived many years prior. Jade jumped on board and thus… Jade and the Deva was born.

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