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I love books! They are a passion of mine. I work as a publicist at The Zharmae Publishing Press! And I have a wonderful husband and little boy. :)

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  • Exposure on July 12, 2013

    This story is about Rylan/Evan being a college student half the time, and a sex model the other time. She tries to keep her job a secret from everyone in her life including the people she goes to school with. But things change when one of her peers from school starts modeling with her. That's not the only issue though he's also beautiful and has a girlfriend. So it makes Rylan feel pretty crappy having to pose with him, and getting strange feelings for him. This book has a good story line. I just couldn't get into Dallas' character. I really thought he was frustrating most of the time, unless he was doing a shoot then I thought he was awesome. The overall book is just okay. Dallas really bothered me. But it ended good, no cliffhanger, and I was happy with the results so overall it was an okay read for a short book.
  • Razing Kayne on Aug. 17, 2013
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    Review by Whit@Whit's Book World Razing Kayne is about a man whose lost every thing by chance finds a women who literally takes his breath away. He sees her, and it is an instant attraction. But he doesn't want that type of relationship in his life again. He doesn't think he can go there. But when chance has him meeting the woman again, and meeting her four children things go a little crazy. Especially when her past seems connected to him. Jess didn't want another man in her life. And she really doesn't want to have another one who won't be there for her children. But when she meets Kayne every thing changes for both of them. It is a very dramatic story. Overall the book was okay. I did like it. But I personally couldn't connect with it. I liked the plot, but I just didn't really care for the characters at times. I really thought Jess was kind of weak, and frustrating at times. I did admire Kayne though. I really enjoyed his character, but he was probably the only one I really liked. So I did like the book, but won't be reading more in this series.