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Jason Norby, aka Jake A. Strife, born in 1986 and grew up writing short stories with the influence of horror novels and video games, as well as fantasy and science fiction.
After a decade of writing short stories and drawing characters that belonged to written story he finally decided to write a full length novel and bring all of those characters to life.
Setting off on a journey of a thousand miles, he began with the first step and began to write the prologue to what would be the first book in the Dark Dayz series.
When he finished the full length novel he felt more accomplished than he ever had, but did nothing with the book for years until finally he decided the book needed sequels and created a fantastical storyline and world.
He brings the characters to life through first person perspective storytelling between the different characters in each story.
With four books currently finished, and more well on their way Jake plans to keep writing and has planned several other series as well.

Jake currently attends a school for creative writing for entertainment. In his spare time when he's not writing novels he plays video games, designs characters, nerds out with Dungeons and Dragons, or takes up his favorite hobby. Visiting amusement parks.

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