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Jake Hartnell was raised in the suburban sprawl of Chicago in a very conservative evangelical Christian family. After becoming disillusioned with his faith, he ran away to England to attend the University of Manchester and help found the record label Superstar Destroyer and his band Unconscious Jungle. After numerous adventures + hardships he journeyed across the seas yet again to come to UC Berkeley, where he studies computer science, Internet economics, digital publishing technology, and whatever else interests him. He currently works as a developer and product manager at Hypothes.is (a non-profit tech company working with web annotation), but is also a contributor to the open source project Epub.js, writer, and musician. He has already begun work on his next book entitled "How to become a better Christian by becoming an Atheist (and Visa Versa)."

Smashwords Interview

Who did the cover for 23rd Century Romance?
Miles Johnston, an incredibly gifted artist: http://miles-art.blogspot.com/
What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you?
OkCupid (the online dating site). Seriously, once I decided to create a fake account to see what it was like to be an attractive girl on OkCupid. So I found one picture of a very pretty hipster asian girl and wrote one thing on her profile:
"I will go on a date with anyone who has read 23rd Century Romance... the book has blown my mind."

Sales sky-rocketed, and mixed in with some of the most disgusting filth I have ever seen (hundreds and hundreds of messages), there were many people quoting parts of the book they liked and thanking "her" for the recommendation.

Eventually, I felt this was morally dubious and took it down... but it was so effective I can't say I haven't been tempted to try it on a larger scale.
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Rai Jones has never really seen the ocean, shot a gun, or made love to three Elven maidens at the same time... but he lives in a world where technology and drugs make all things possible. Sounds great right?

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