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Bartholomew Thockmorton
Latest book: Kaman's World. Published December 29, 2011. (5.00 from 2 reviews)
j guevara
Latest book: The Keepers of Himal. Published June 27, 2010. (5.00 from 2 reviews)

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  • ...The Twain Shall Meet on Nov. 15, 2010

    The Twain Shall Meet is quite simply a wonderful and original read- j guevera's plot is so well executed and grabs the reader from page one. Twain in modern day America! How brilliant- and how perfectly penned by a truly talented writer! Rick Friedman Founder- THE JAMES MASON COMMUNITY BOOK CLUB
  • Caroline on Nov. 19, 2010

    Quite simply- BRILLIANT-astory that has so many facets to it- character.plot and so very vivid location- which to me was also a main character- a story not simply to read- but to savor! Rick THE JAMES MASON COMMUNITY BOOK CLUB GOODREADS
  • Intrepid - Revelations on Jan. 21, 2012

    "Colonel Lance Tucker is Commander of the next generation X-33 space shuttle Intrepid. Its latest mission to the International Space Station ends in calamity and tragedy, when a meteor shower strikes. General Jack Nelson orders Lance to use a secret flying saucer at Area 51, to travel back in time and change history. An imprisoned alien navigator offers assistance in exchange for his freedom, but a slip of the tongue diverts the journey to 1888 London, 1945 Berlin, 1963 Dallas, and 1994 Los Angeles. En route to try and save the ISS, Lance cannot resist the challenge of solving the greatest mysteries of the modern world. Who was really Jack the Ripper? Did Hitler commit suicide, or did he somehow escape the wrath of the Allies? Who really shot President John F. Kennedy? And did O.J. Simpson really do it?" Intrepid - Revelations (Intrepid #3)is the eagerly awaited third book in what has quickly become the gold standard in the sci-fi adventure genre. Steve Stone scores a hat-trick with Intrepid - Revelations as it builds on the superb platform of the first two books and reintroduces Colonel Lance Tucker, a character so well defined and drawn, that reading about his third foray into space is like meeting an old friend. Time travel is never an easy theme to conquer, yet Mr. Stone not only does so seamlessly, but has earned the title of Emperor of this genre. Tackling age old mysteries from Jack The Ripper to the JFK assassination, this novel is a veritable time machine which transports the reader into many worlds and eras. The level of detail and complexities of both plot and character allow for such spectacular themes to be not only palatable to the reader, makes for edge of your seat reading. Intrepid - Revelations is not a book to start before bedtime, for if you do, your eyes will not shut until the final page is read. The narrative is that addicting and enthralling. While Col. Tucker seeks to change history, Mr Stone has made it with producing a third book in a series that not only equals the greatness of the first two books, but propels the Intrepid franchise into the stratosphere of sci-fi adventure excellence. AN OFFICIAL JAMES MASON COMMUNITY BOOK CLUB MUST READ RICK FRIEDMAN FOUNDER THE JAMES MASON COMMUNITY BOOK CLUB
  • That's War on March 15, 2013

    Magnificent in scope and remarkable in the ability to place the reader alongside a most facinating soldier...this is real history..and compiled so very well by Mr. Sirman. Some first person accounts of life during momentous times can tend to be staid..not the case here..THAT'S WAR is a book that touches the heart and extends the intellect. Rick Friedman Founder THE JAMES MASON COMMUNITY BOOK CLUB 7,000+ MEMBERS