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James R. Hardin received his first rejection from a major publisher when he was 11 years old and has been writing fiction intermittently ever since. After a long break earning a living and dealing with real life, he has returned to writing with renewed passion (although he still has to work around all that earning a living and real life stuff).

James supports himself and his family as an engineer in the R&D department of a major turbomachinery manufacturer, where he engages in aerodynamic design, computational fluid dynamics analyses, and battle with temperamental computers. When not writing or engineering, he often plays or composes music, usually on a piano or synthesizer.

James lives in western Pennsylvania with his wife and a varying number of sons depending on who's home.

You can find out more about James and his writing, as well as download a few of his musical compositions, at his website www.jamesrhardin.com.

Smashwords Interview

Who are you?
Even after more than half a century on this planet, I'm still not sure. And since "Reality is best seen from elsewhere" (my writing slogan), maybe others should describe how they perceive me. But I'll try.

I'm a husband and a father of three fine sons, all grown up or mostly so (they're all taller than me now, anyway). I'm an aspiring writer. And I'm an engineer in the R&D department of a major turbomachinery manufacturer, which not only pays the bills, but suits my somewhat nerdy personality well.

I'm a reasonable and practical person. Maybe I could afford to loosen up a little, but I'm proud of my practicality--it enables me to actually get things done instead of just dreaming about wonderful things. Pessimism and optimism constantly battle for control within me. In the big picture, I think things are not very good, but I always hold out hope that things, and especially people, can improve. I try to show examples of this in my writing.
What is your writing like?
Why, it's totally unique and exciting and not like anything else! Okay, we've gotten the fluffy, marketing answer out of the way; now let's get down to business.

I write high commercial science fiction. It includes themes and ideas for the thoughtful reader to consider, but interesting characters and plots come first--I want readers to enjoy my work. My writing tends to be somewhat optimistic. Not "gee-whiz-ain't-life-great" optimistic, but showing examples of believable (I hope) characters improving through their experiences.

I think readers who enjoy works by Timothy Zahn, John Scalzi, or Brandon Sanderson (even though he writes fantasy instead of science fiction) are likely to enjoy my writing. (And vice versa: if you haven't read these authors, you should go have a look!)
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Human or not, Jason1 may be just the right software to save the world. He’s about to find out.

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