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James Weil is an award-winning writer who has written for newspapers, magazines, and scientific journals. Fresh out of high school, he was accepted into Antioch’s Summer Seminar for Writers at Oxford, England. From there he attended Antioch’s Writer’s Year Abroad in London.

Taking a two-year hiatus from school, he moved to Padua, Italy where he made a living working odd jobs and tutoring English to medical students at the University of Padua. During his two-year stay in Italy, he traveled extensively throughout the country, and speaks several dialects of Italian.
He received his B.A. in Journalism from Temple University with a minor in business. After several years working for next to nothing in newspapers and magazines, he decided to go into the business end of publishing and found a job in circulation management with a controlled-circulation magazine publisher in Westchester, NY.

The company was years behind the times, and their fulfillment house was sending their circulation files on microfiche. Realizing quickly that this would never do, he researched database software that would fit the needs of the company.

Visual FoxPro 3.0 was the hottest database programming language on the market for small to medium businesses, so he ordered a copy, had the fulfillment house send all their data on tape, and taught himself computer programming.

Within months, he built a robust circulation management system, enabling the marketing department and upper management to segment their circulation data and produce detailed reports about their target audiences.

Quickly realizing he could make a small fortune as an independent consultant, he quit the publishing business and went out on his own. In just a few years he made a name for himself in the FoxPro community, and travelled extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe mentoring others, as well as designing database systems for companies of all sizes. Things were going gangbusters until September 11, but after that most of his independent work dried up, and he found regular jobs programming in an assortment of industries.

He finally landed his dream job with the State of New York, where he now works with an extremely talented group of people. In the intervening years he wrote three novels: Swiss Chocolate, El Aguila, and Esmeralda. All three books got picked up by his agent, Chamein Canton of Chamein Canton Literary Agency. Chamein Canton is an award-winning, bestselling romance writer who has published nine books, and works her agency fulltime.

He and Chamein became very good friends, and he began helping her by vetting manuscripts and query letters. Eventually she gave him the authority to sign writers he really fell in love with, and is responsible for getting four new writers published. In return, she taught him the ins and outs of the book publishing industry, a leviathan that is nearly impossible to keep up with.

James Weil is as passionate about writing as he is about editing, and is torn between two loves, but most of all, he lives to see new talent get a start in the publishing business.

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  • Milk Run on June 29, 2012

    Beginners often neglect the essentials of grammar and punctuation. Also, solid sentence structure is paramount for good story telling. Nice effort. Keep writing. ~ James M. Weil
  • Not A Stranger In Paradise on Dec. 08, 2016

    The sheer amount of trash that people post on the internet gives legitimate, traditionally published writers a bad name. It used to be that writers with little or no talent could get their names in print through Vanity Publishers for a handsome price, and, of course, nobody took them seriously. With the advent of self publishing on the internet, readers have no idea what to expect from all the crap that is out there. You, sir, should be Vanity Published. That was some of the worst writing I've ever read.