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  • Promises (Book One of The Syrenka Series) on July 17, 2012

    This is actually the first book I have ever read about mermaids, so I was definitely excited to read this book and didn't know what to expect. I was kind of expecting a story that took place entirely underwater, but I really liked that they mermaids/men could transition between tail and legs at will (kind of like the tv show H2O just add water if you have seen it). Promises got straight into the story and caught my interest immediately. It had a really good pace, and got very exciting at the end making me want to read the next book as soon as I can! In order to merge their clans Eviana has been betrothed to Kain since she was young, but she is in love with the shape-shifting selkie, Brendan. Eviana chooses the one she loves over her responsibilities and must face consequences that no one would have imagined. On the verge of a war Eviana is unexpectedly pulled back into the world she so desperately tried to leave behind and now must step forward and face her responsibilities. Eviana annoyed me a little at the beginning, but as the story progressed and she had to start really making mature decisions I came to really like her as a character and am excited to see her have to step forward and deal with the responsibilities she is now faced with. We got to see more of Kain's feelings and affections toward Eviana than Brendan's in this book, and I always kind of have a bit of a soft spot for the underdog, so I find myself leaning more toward Kain, but I look forward to hopefully getting to know Brendan more in the next book. I really liked all of the characters in the story, and really felt for all of them when anything bad happened. I found myself really invested in the characters and the story, so I definitely want to get my hands on the sequel Betrayal. And overall just had a really great time reading this book. I would definitely recommend checking it out. P.s. The whole naked thing was a little funny to me, it doesn't really have anything to do with the overall story, but basically the mermaids and selkies have to undress before they change. So there are a few scenes where they have just changed back into people and they are all casually standing around naked, and I know the it's not weird to the characters because they are just used to it, but it felt funny to me having to picture them that way :) This review was originally posted on my blog: The Confessions of a Book Nerd
  • Betrayal (Book Two of The Syrenka Series) on July 25, 2012

    As with the first book I loved the pace of the story, there was never a dull moment. I was almost on the edge of my seat the whole time wanting to know what was going to happen. Quite a few things that I was not at all expecting. Loved this one just as much as Promises, if not more. Eviana is sent away to try and strengthen her powers in preparation for the upcoming war. Attacks are happening everywhere, harming, and even killing, some of Eviana's friends and family, Lucian is behind it all and he is still after Eviana, but why? As I think everyone has, based on the title I assumed that someone was going to betray Eviana in this book. Although there turned out to be more than just one betrayal, I had a suspicion of a particular person right from the beginning (which turned out to be right), but throughout the book I just couldn't be sure. I had no idea what to expect, and that was something I really enjoyed. After the first book in the series we knew (or at least I assumed) there was a particular reason Lucian wanted Eviana, and while a reason was revealed to us, I am still not sure if it is the whole reason. So I can't wait to start the next book Arise and find out what is going to happen. I can't really think of much to say about the characters. I think we definitely got to see Brendan's love for Eviana more in this book and understand him more as character, but I do not like Brendan any more. I can understand his situation, but I still don't like him. I like Kain's character, and am hoping to see a romance develop between him and Eviana in the next book, I guess we'll just have wait to see. Graham was a new character introduced to the story in Betrayal. While I liked his character, and the flirting with Eviana was fun, I felt a bit like if Eviana was so in love with Brendan then she wouldn't be so attracted to Graham. So that was all a little weird for me. I enjoyed this book just as much as the first one, should definitely check it out if you have read Promises, and if you haven't I would highly recommend you give it a go. I am super excited to get started on Arise. Thank you so much to the author, Amber Garr, for sending me a copy. Having tons of fun with this series. This review is also on my blog The Confessions of a Book Nerd :)
  • Arise (Book Three of The Syrenka Series) on July 28, 2012

    Well, first off. Arise is the third and final book in the fantastic Syrenka Series, so if you have not read the first two books you should because they are awesome. I loved Arise just as much as I loved the first two books. I am always worried about endings to series for some reason, but I think this was a fantastic ending. Eviana is dealing with the recent betrayals of those closest to her, but now must also work out how to escape her kidnapper and get back to her friends and family to fight on the right side of the war. Eviana will discover new powers, love and how much her friends are willing to sacrifice for her and this war. I really loved getting Kain's point of view in this book, for quite a few reasons. I love Kain's character, so it was lots of fun getting inside his head, and I love books with alternating views, it gives you more perspective on both of their feelings. Also it was good seeing what was going on with everyone else while Eviana wasn't there, which I am sure was the whole reason for it. I love all of the characters in this book and the whole series. I am a lover of developed secondary characters, and while the secondary characters weren't a huge part of this series, I felt like they were all really well developed with their own stories, without taking away from the overall story. The end half of the book got really intense. I just had no idea what they were going to do, how they were going to get out of it and how everything was going to be resolved. On that note, Lucian was a seriously creepy antagonist. He was an awesome bad guy, but super creepy. I did cry at the end of this book, and then my sad tears changed to happy tears. Not that the sad thing became a happy thing, just a happy ending. Overall Arise was a fantastic ending to a fantastic series! I have loved this whole series, and I would highly recommend checking them out. Again thanks to the author, Amber Garr, for sending me a copy of this book.